In every phase of life, there’s one moment where everything sucks at best. Lack of attention, lack of love. Your heart cracked into pieces. At that time, all we want to do is to disappear from this world. Crying suddenly become our favourite activity.

But sometimes, how hard is that time, there’s always some people who stands behind you. Cheering you up. There’s some people too who stands in front of you, guiding you back. Somehow, they’ll make you complete, happier than ever.

Kimmi Smiles once said for broken hearts :

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She also said..

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And she’s¬†absolutely¬†true.


Let Go.

Imagine that you’re a glass box, ready to be filled. You’re standing in the middle of Keukenhof, surrounded by those amazing-beautiful flowers. You picked a lot of flowers and putted it inside you. Abseloutly happy. Beautiful. People can see those and happiness and beauty inside you. But then, an unknown boy out of nowhere, sneaked into you. THAT. The boy made you glow and shine more than the sun, brought you to the higher feelings you’ve ever experienced. The flowers inside you bloomed extremely fast, and it got more beautiful than ever. The time passed and that boy lost it’s glow. It’s the time for him to take all he has given to you. He took your glow, your shine, your beauty, and your happiness. And then he left. Leaving you with those rotten flowers. Black, no beauty at all.

All you can do is to blame him for what have happened. But that’s so useless. Forgive him. Grab those rotten flowers, blow a balloon, put those rotten flowers inside it, tied the balloon, and let it go. Get rid of those black-rotten flowers. You’re going to be okay. You’re still the same glass box. Remember that there’s so many flowers near you ready to be picked.

How about him? He’s just your past. He did make you feel better, but he didn’t last, right? At last he left you with rotten things. Deal with it. Remember him, just to remind you that there will be another unknown boy that will make you glow and shine. Remember him, just to remind you that there will be another unknown boy that will left you with rotten things.

Forgiving and letting go is abseloutly not easy at all. But what can we do?
Forgive and let it go. Deal with the memories.

Broken heart will be cured by the time.
You’ll be okay :’)

An amazing advice about broken hearts from Kimmi Smiles :

How To Have A Better Life

You know, when we have a serious problem, it feels like we are in hell. Everything sucks. Our life is messed up. We always think about giving up, death, and else. But don’t kill your self, hehe, our suffer will worth at the end. We will be more mature, and of course our life will be better.

You know, the phrase ” Experience is the best teacher” is abseloutly right.

Just like what Kimmi Smiles always said : KEEP SMILING!

Olive You

Olive you,
Olive you,
Olive you,
Olive you,
And olive you..

What I actually want to say is that I love you, and I will always do.
But we can’t be together,
You don’t have to know about my feelings..
We are situated in a wrong place and time..
And giving me hope is just killing me..

We aren’t meant to be together,
I know it.
Olive you, dear..
I will always love you..

Olive you, dear..
Even if we can’t be together.