How Every Street Campaign Should Have Been

There was a spectacular street campaign on Malioboro Street, Yogyakarta, Indonesia on June 24, 2014. As the presidential election is going to be held on July 9, 2014, the supporters of both candidates (Jokowi-Jusuf Kalla and Prabowo-Hatta Rajasa) have started the street campaign.

In Indonesia, every street campaign is brutal. The supporters of a candidate are roaming around the city with their made-up noisy motorcycles. And sometimes, the street campaign triggers a street fight between two sides who have the slightest mutuality. I really don’t get it why the supporters do that, the fight and made-up noises. I suppose those things tend to make people hate them more, isn’t it?

Just yesterday, I went to Malioboro and found a LOT of people gathered on the Malioboro Street to do a silent campaign. Well, not really silent, but it’s way more quiet and polite. Those people are non-party people around Malioboro who supports Jokowi-Jusuf Kalla. They held a parade around Malioboro. I’m not sure where did the parade started and ended, but I’m pretty sure the parade went through Malioboro and Kraton Yogyakarta.

What makes me think that the parade was how every street campaign should have been like is how effective, polite, and bewitching it is. They didn’t do any anarchy gestures, instead they smiled. They didn’t make useless loud noises, instead they sing a song about Jokowi-Jusuf Kalla accompanied by our traditional instruments (gamelan). Though it is one of the political strategies to win the election, it’s entertaining and not nauseating. I’m not talking about politics nor a candidate here, and by writing this doesn’t mean that I support a particular candidate (I’m still too young to understand politic), but what I really want to say is that I hope every street campaign is like this, or maybe better than this. I hope that every street campaign is educating, entertaining, and true.

Here, I’ll show you some pictures I got yesterday:

DSCN0105 DSCN0096 DSCN0103 DSCN0137 DSCN0106 DSCN0114 DSCN0109 DSCN0113 DSCN0104


Days Worth Life and Death

I know it’s so late to post this but it’s better late than never, right?

On September 2013, my school was visited by foreign people from Australia. There was a student exchange program between my school -SMP 5 Yogyakarta, Indonesia- and Portland Secondary School, Australia. One of my classmate, Cindy, was one of the hostfams. She lived with Tiarna Jane Reynolds.

Tiarna was in Yogyakarta for about 7 days. I didn’t get to know her activities well but all I know is that she visited many tourism objects with Cindy and Cindy’s family. For me, it was interesting to have Tiarna as a member of my class for a week. She’s so lively and low profile. She loves visiting children on the orphanage. Although she’s so shy when she was in Indonesia, I and my friends adore her.

When it was near the time when she must go back to Australia, I and my friend Adelia had an idea to make a scrapbook of us. So we made it and gave it to her on her last day in my school. Here’s some pictures of me, my classmates, and Tiarna:


DSC03735 DSC03737 DSC03739 DSC03743 DSC03746 DSC03747 DSC03749 DSC03756 DSC03759 DSC03760 DSC03763 DSC03764 DSC03766 DSC03767 DSC03778

You may ask me why did I gave this post a title “Days Worth Life and Death”. You may get confused or weird about it. It’ s okay.
What I mean by it is that I’m very grateful of days I had with my friends -in this case especially Tiarna. Those days I had are so precious to me even  some of them were bad days. Those days -whether good ones ore bad ones- are days which later be one of my history. Ah. I’m talking nonsense. Sorry hehe.

Sorry if this post is so useless, but it’s been a while since I last post something about my life/experience.


As we have already know, ‘Carpe Diem’ is a Latin quote which means “Seize Your Day”.
Well, I had an art task to draw a slogan or a quote and I drew this Carpe Diem.
Well, it’s not so good but I just want to show this to you 🙂

Image - Copyp.s. Sorry that I didn’t upload the picture of my drawings -again- because apparently my camera is still broken.

Tugu Yogyakarta

This is my drawing, uh, of Yogyakarta’s famous Tugu (We call it Tugu Yogyakarta which means Yogyakarta’s Statue. However, it’s real name is Tugu Golong Gilig).
It’s not so good, but uh, I want to show this to all of you 🙂

Image (2)There’s a score on it since it is one of my art task. ._.
Well I made that based on this picture which I got from Google :

Yogyakarta1Jogja is so romantic, I guess. I love it’s classic buildings which are showered by those yellowish lights. It throws me back to the past..
You all should come to Jogja sometimes, it’s the best city to feel the atmosphere of traditional life.
Jogja is the best city to fall in love.

p.s. Sorry that I didn’t upload the picture of my drawings because apparently my camera is broken.

Bali “The Dewata Island”

Hey there!
As I promised, today (even it is late, I know) I am going to show you one of the world’s beautiful island in my country : BALI! Yeay 🙂
I’m going to tell you about my 5 days visit to Bali like my journal but don’t worry, I’m going to emphasise Bali, not my personal trip.

Okay, to make it short, let’s start!

It is an island in Indonesia. Located in the east of Java and the west of Lombok Island. It’s very beautiful and exotic. Their Hinduism traditions are still strong. Bali is usually called as The Dewata Island (The Island of Gods) and The Island of Thousand Temples. Those are true, because you’ll find a small temple to pray everywhere.

Day 1 : Monday, June 17th 2013

I went to Bali from Jogja by bus. It was a long journey and unimportant, so let’s skip to the next day!

Day 2 : Tuesday, June 18th 2013

Ketapang Pier is in East Java which is the only way for us to  go to Bali if we are using land transportations. I took some pictures while I’m in Ketapang that midnight and when I crossed to Bali.

P1040400 P1040403 P1040412

After I arrived at Bali and having a long journey to the city, I arrived at Bratan Bedugul Lake. It’s a lovely lake which is totally Bali, but unfortunately, it’s located a little remote. Because it’s remote area, Bratan Bedugul Lake only have a hotel, restaurant, and a few traditional market around there, so to be honest, it’s kinda boring there.

P1040416 P1040432P1040435

From Bratan Bedugul Lake, I went to Kuta Beach. That is the most famous beach in Bali among the tourists. It has white sands and the villagers near there also let us rent surfing boards. Not just the beach which is beautiful, but the beach surroundings are very nice. It is a beautiful mix of Indonesian heritage and modern places. You can find a lot of famous brand stores there such as Hard Rock Cafe, etc. Joger, a famous Bali souvenirs brand also have a store near Kuta Beach.


The sunset view at Kuta Beach

P1040459 P1040460 P1040461 P1040462

Aaand after I went to Kuta Beach and Joger, I went to a restaurant to have dinner and then I went to the hotel to have some rest.

Day 3 : Wednesday, June 19th 2013

The next morning, I went to Sanur Beach. Tourists usually go to this beach to see the sunrise because this beach offers the best sunrise view in Bali. Sanur Beach is also located a little remote, and there’s nothing here except a beach, a restaurant, and some shops.

P1040479 P1040492 P1040496 P1040498

After that, we went to one of Indonesia’s president’s castle named Tampaksiring Castle. It is located in a hill and far from the city. Tampaksiring Castle is usually used by the president family. It is built by Indonesia’s first president, Soekarno, so that the next Indonesia’s president will have a place to rest and greet international guests in a quiet and peaceful place far from the city. If you want to go in there, you must made an appointment first.


The Bridge of Peace inside Tampaksiring Castle


A pond where the late President Soekarno found inspirations to lead the country


The main gate of Tampaksiring Castle


Me in the president and the ministers meeting room

P1040521 P1040555

Then I continued my journey. I went to Tanjung Benoa Beach and Garuda Wisnu Kencana. Tanjung Benoa Beach is a beach where you can play a lot of water games such as banana boat, etc.

P1040581 P1040592

Garuda Wisnu Kencana is a place where you can watch Barong Dance. There are also a massive statue of Wisnu (one of Hindu’s god) who ride a bird named Garuda. The statue’s construction hasn’t finished yet but I’ll show you some of the parts.


A Balinese dance called Kecak Dance performed in GWK’s Amphitheatre


Bali’s beautiful dancers


The Garuda statue

And then I went back to the hotel after I had dinner in a local restaurant.

Day 4 : Thursday, June 20th 2013

Technically, that was my last day in Bali. After I ate breakfast and check out, I headed to Gilimanuk Pier. But on the journey, I stopped at one of Bali’s beautiful beaches : Tanah Lot!

What’s so special about Tanah Lot? There’s an island near Tanah Lot which can only be accessed if the sea level is low. When the sea level is low, you can go to the island. In the island, there’s a restaurant and a pura, a place for Hindu people to pray. I have gone to Tanah Lot twice and I have never got the chance to go to the island 😦

And on the beach, there’s a cave where there’s a holy snake. People in Bali believe that if we touch that snake, everything that we want will be granted.

P1040643 P1040645 P1040648 P1040649 P1040652 P1040653

That’s all for my Bali trip journal! 🙂

Sorry I’m very late to post this journey (I promised to post it Saturday but I’m able to post it just now) because I got some health problems which fortunately weren’t serious at all (just a weird feeling like a headache) and I had a bad mood for several days.

I show you this pics and this doesn’t mean that I want to show off. I just want to share my experience. And I hope that if you visit Bali one day, at least you know fascinating place to go and sight to see!

“A Writing Hand” by Dandhy Bramantya

Remember Dandhy who drew me Fallen and Torment’s book cover? He’s up with a new fabulous drawing!
Since he’s in love with a girl, he represented his love by drawing this. The name which ‘the hand’ wrote is the girl’s name 🙂

Here are the pics!






P1040219 Image (6)Those are amazing, aren’t they? I don’t know how he does it but I think he’s gifted.
Appreciate, like, and share Dandhy’s drawing by sharing this post to everyone, Readers!
Thanks for coming! 🙂

Dandhy Bramantya Putra
Check his Facebook and follow his Twitter : @dandhybramantya

p.s. sorry for those bad quality pictures, my camera is sooo lame 😦

Eyes – The Windows of Souls












Above are the eyes of my classmates. The 10 of us are the members of The Riven Rock Movie Project (our English task movie). I took those pictures at Griyo Sabin, a guesthouse in Sleman, Yogyakarta.

p.s. I took all the pictures except mine (of course!).
p.s.s. Taken using Cindy Wieke’s Canon 550D