Never Have I Taken A Commercial This Serious

Hullo! It is almost that time of the year again: holiday. Yeayyy! I have been trying to retain ideas on my mind until next Wednesday (the day I finish this semester) so that I can focus on my final exam, but oh well, I guess I can’t hold it anymore and I guess this piece won’t really bother my exam prep. So here it goes!

Around three weeks ago, 50s-90s musics were on my YouTube’s top suggestion list since I often played Sinatra’s while writing my almost-100-folio-pages assignment. If I’m not mistaken, before the never ending music suggestion list played Bob Dylan’s Mr. Tambourine Man, a disturbing short silence followed by a traditional Javanese rhythm came along out of nowhere.  I minimized my Word and checked my YouTube tab to find a commercial made by Blue Band Indonesia (a prominent margarine brand under the flag of Unilever) which featured my hometown, Yogyakarta. It turned out that the commercial was a web-serial with the duration of 12 minute-ish. I somehow didn’t want to click that Skip Ad button on the bottom right side, and so I watched it for the next 12 minutes.

The serial is titled Cerita Nada and it tells the story of a nuclear metropolitan family who returned to Yogyakarta to celebrate Ramadhan with relatives. It only has three episodes which is released once in a week, and I have been following that serial until today, the day it ended (I guess). I’m not going to talk too much about the plot, you can just watch it down below:

(make sure you’ve watched the episodes down below before moving on to my next paragraph as I will reveal more spoilers and pop the magic!)

As a matter of fact, compared to Tropicana Slim’s Sore which came out around a year ago, this serial is not highly buzzed among Indonesians. Although Blue Band is more widely used among Indonesians than Tropicana Slim’s Stevia Sugar (the product introduced on Sore), it’s not too surprising that Sore went more viral than Cerita Nada. Why? I guess Tropicana Slim understands the basic recipe for Indonesians better than Blue Band: love story and settings abroad.

(a peek on Sore)

Besides that, if we compare both serials, Sore seems to be crafted more artistically than Cerita Nada. Sore has a unique plot, a great choice of original soundtracks and artists (Adhitia Sofyan and Kunto Aji), and an uncommon way of promoting its product (they rarely put Stevia in its frames). Adhitia Sofyan’s Forget Jakarta on the beginning of the first episode is enough to light people’s curiosity and capture their attention for the next 12 minutes. Meanwhile, Cerita Nada is simply not that unique. Plus, the way each character interacts with others seems too unnatural. In my honest opinion, it is harder to enjoy Cerita Nada because some parts are too soap opera-ish.

HOWEVER, I highly appreciate the writer of Cerita Nada for the moral values it contains. I praise anyone who made the story for bringing up Indonesia’s latest national problem: the lack of attention towards surrounding due to gadget use. I’ve experienced it myself (being ignored for gadget and being chosen second after other people), and believe me, Key (the child in the story) and Nada (the mom, the wife) perfectly resembles what I feel. This is a problem most people have, but too scared to speak about since it is often being done by parents, older people, whom we must respect. I really hope that more people will watch this because I believe this serial can speak what we aren’t brave enough to speak about.

Another thing that I like from this serial is that it implies the idea of the importance of food as a fuel for love. Yep, this sounds cheesy too in my ears, but believe me, we really are what we eat. Back when I was a kid, my grandma (who happens to be the greatest home cook I’ve ever known ’till now) told me that “Love springs from the stomach”. She told me that the reason why she always fed her family with her own cooking is because homemade foods also contains love other than those physiologically-important nutrients. It sounds cheesy, but she’s right. You can feel the difference between restaurant’s food and your mom-made or your grandma-made food; those mom-made or grandma-made food feels like home. And here, on the series, most of their problems are solved by cookies. It seems unrealistic though, but hey, good food can lead to a good conversation–or so they say: good food, good mood.

So, bottom line, thank you Blue Band and Tropicana Slim for pioneering creative audiovisuals to promote health (and your product, of course). I truly enjoy the storytelling, and I really hope that someday in the near future our TV channels will be filled with quality contents like these.

Arrivederci, peeps! Until next week (I guess, ehehe).


Why “The Greatest Showman” Is NOT The Greatest

Disclaimer: if you haven’t watched “The Greatest Showman” and you don’t want any expectations ruined, you better skip this post and go ahead.

Okay, okay, before I elaborate the reason why I ‘mock’ everyone’s favorite lately, I must inform you that I watch this movie without any expectation. I hadn’t heard anything about The Greatest Showman until the day I accidentally saw the trailer on a local cinema while I and my dad queued for Star Wars: The Last Jedi. The trailer didn’t enchant me the way Pitch Perfect 3‘s enchanted me (which happened to roll on the screen right after The Greatest Showman‘s trailer). Just compare it yourself:

To me, The Greatest Showman‘s trailer is lacking of conflicts and baits. The trailer only emphasizes its audio and visual aspects, it doesn’t sell the story. On the contrary, Pitch Perfect 3‘s trailer has everything a trailer should has: short and catchy line(s) that describes the whole conflict the movie is about. It also has interesting puns (thanks to Amy!)(but I’m fully aware though that puns won’t be available on The Greatest Showman since both of them are on the different pole of the genre spectrum).

However, since I don’t want to miss any Oscar-potential movies, I decided to watch The Greatest Showman too, without any expectation. Plus, people say that it is even better than the anticipated Insidious 4, so why not? Turns out… I like it! Despite the trailer, The Greatest Showman gives me more satisfaction than Pitch Perfect 3!

Yes, I admit it, The Greatest Showman is totally a movie worth watching. It is great, really. But why do I still think that it is not the greatest?

Now that I’ve watched The Greatest Showman, I put it on the same class as La La Land. Why? Because both of them are musicals and quite phenomenal.

Comparing those two makes me notice flaws in The Greatest Showman. But before I go, I must inform the great things about The Greatest Showman to make it fair:

Its audio and visual are really pleasing.

The great thing about The Greatest Showman is that the crew managed to find the perfect cast for the characters. All of them are so good on screen: eye-pleasing, great at acting, and able to sing!

You can see the chemistry between Hugh Jackman and Michelle Williams when they’re on screen. I see that both of them are suitable for each other ’till I and my friend (who I went to the movie with) panicked when P.T. Barnum (Hugh Jackman) started being flirty with Jenny Lind (Rebecca Ferguson). You can also see the chemistry between Zac Efron and Zendaya when they sing “Rewrite The Stars”.

Plus, the colors of the scenes (although still not good as La La Land‘s) are able to make us feel the mood the story wants us to feel. Bright colors coated with upbeat lyrics and tones really make me want to sing and dance (although I can’t). Dark Manhattan sky with some household fumes make me feel like I was suffering the way they do. The depiction is great, honestly.

The set is neatly arranged too. I can see that the crew put lots of effort on it, mostly on the costumes. Dang, the costumes are so old fashioned (and it is a good thing, of course, considering its era of the story)! I wonder… is it possible for The Greatest Showman to win the Oscars for The Best Costume Design this year?

The last great thing about The Greatest Showman is the lyrics of the song they sing. The lyrics really speaks its singer’s heart.. it is the kind of song that touches your soul, kind of. When I heard it, I feel like I was waiting for the next part of the song because I want to know what can possibly happen next. Although the lyrics are better than La La Land’s or Beauty and The Beast’s (another musical you must have heard of), I don’t find it as catchy as La La Land’s.

Yes, The Greatest Showman is great, but for me, there are still some flaws that keep it a little lower than La La Land on my personal chart:

1. The story can be easily guessed.

Since the very beginning of the movie, everything seems so smooth. Although P.T. Barnum has lots of misfortune, he seems like he’s able to overcome his problem eventually. You won’t see a lot of his struggle on the movie and that will make you feel like everything is kinda easy for him. The father of the girl he likes disapproves him… but hey, look, he get her eventually! He’s fired from his job… but hey, look, he has a tricky idea! And so on. It is unlike the characters in La La Land or in Sing whose struggles can bring out our empathy.

So, as I watched the movie, I couldn’t stop thinking “What is the big conflict which he cannot overcome easily?”. And until the end, I don’t see one. There is too many small conflicts until there’s no big fat conflict as its main attraction.

2. Unexplained cases and unfinished conflicts.

  1. When P.T. Barnum mails Charity regularly, what is his address? Isn’t he homeless? How could he still receive messages from her?
  2. What does he, a poor little boy, do on his childhood and teen age ’till he can walk up to Charity’s parents’ door to ask for her with a clean suit and a fancy hat attached to his body?
  3. Okay, what’s wrong with P.T. Barnum and apples? You can see two apples on this movie: one when P.T. Barnum is still a boy and one when P.T. Barnum is already a dad. The problem is, you don’t get to see him finish eating the first one! Undoubtedly, you’ll mistaken the second apple as the first one because the second appears on screen not long after the first!
  4. Why does people keep saying that he is a fraud and his circus is fake?
  5. What happened to the protesters? Does moving the circus to a tent on the outskirts of Manhattan silence them?

I wanted to add “He’s very stupid because he buy a lavish gigantic house instead of paying his debt” to the list, but that won’t be fair.

The flaws aren’t that many, but those still disturb me from completely enjoying the movie. Nonetheless, the great things about The Greatest Showman can still cover its flaws, making it still eligible as one of the movies you recommend to friends.

If you have watched the movie and you agree or disagree with me, tell me on the comment section below! I’d love to know what you think. (Wow, I sound like a YouTube-er). Arrivederci!

Are You Sure That You Love “The Movie”, Not The Touching Plot Nor The Cast?

Are you sure that you love the movie, not the touching plot nor the cast?

Well, that is a question you must ask to yourself after watching a movie.

We, people who don’t know anything about the film industry sometimes say “I like that movie” and “I hate that movie” without any further thinking. Well, I admit it that sometimes I do. And after I thought for a long time, I think that judging something without further thinking is rude. Especially when it comes to movies.

As a viewer of a movie, I think it is easy to assess how good is a movie or how interesting is the movie. We, viewers, want satisfaction from what we watch and we always have that thinking of what satisfy us is a good thing. It depends on us, on our taste. We people have different lists of ‘things that satisfy us’. Like happy endings, romantic plot, good looking actor/actress, etc. And.. yeah, you can bring that list when you judge a thing you want to buy, but you can’t bring that list when you watch a movie. By judging a movie based on your list, I guess you do an unfair thing, you decide whether something is good or not by your taste, not by the quality.

I’m not someone who’s in the film industry or someone who have made big hits movies before, but as someone who have experienced the life of a movie maker (Well, not really. It’s just a school project), I know how hard it is to make a movie. Making a twisty plot which is able to entertain people yet still containing a moral value is hard. Moreover, directing the casts to act like how they should based on the script is also hard. Editing the movie. Adding special effects to the movie. All of those steps involves creativity and patience.

Behind The Scenes

So.. I guess it is not fair to judge a movie based on our list of ‘things that satisfy us’. I guess those immature words such as “She’s not pretty!” or “Hello?! I need a happy ending!” or “It’s not entertaining at all! All those people do is just wandering around like saints and say good things! I want a more alive characters, characters who say f*ck like every one minute!” is not fair. Well, what if the scriptwriter and the director made the movie like that? What if in the script, the female characters are described as ‘a not-very-appealing girl’? We don’t know.

Sure, we’re totally allowed to comment a movie, but our comments should be based on reasonable things. When we comment a movie, we should also remember that making a movie is not as easy as it seems. Our comments should be able to improve the quality of the next movie released.

Then, what aspects can we assess so that we can decide whether we love a movie or not? Easy. Change your POV and let yourself be a director for a while. There’s a lot of aspects we can assess. Like how the cast brought the characters, are they good or not? Or the plot, is it fresh and original or is it just copying the plot of the last hit movie? Or the appearance of the casts (you may assess it if you’re dying to, haha kidding), is their make up is well done or not? See?

So, I guess that’s how we should assess a movie. Assessing a movie by seeing a movie inside and out or assessing a movie from the POV of a director (plus the act of appreciating the movie for the work of the crew though the movie is awful) can really makes your head clear and able to give a strong reasonable answer and explanation when someone ask you “Do you love the movie or not?”.

So I guess that’s it. FYI, I wrote those things above because I’m kinda mad at the movie and TV programs my local TV channels provide. My local TV channels can’t even provide one truly educating program! #GodBlessIndonesia

So, I think I’m going into a hiatus for a while, my final national exam is coming up this May. I’m sorry but I gotta stay focus. Please give me your support and prayer, and I hope your life will be la vie en rose. 🙂


Book and Movie Review – The Spectacular Now by Tim Tharp

This is a story about the amazing Sutter Keely.
He’s the boy you want in every party. Well actually, he’s the life of every party.

Sutter Keely is a senior high school boy. His mom ditched his dad because he is so irresponsible. Sutter is not an ordinary boy, as I told you before, he is the life of every party. He doesn’t have good grades, though, but he is so social, if you know what I mean. He befriends with everybody. He never thinks about his future, he devoted his self as the one who lives in the now.

Sutter has a beautiful girlfriend named Cassidy who had stayed with him two months longer than Sutter’s ex-girlfriends. Cassidy is a social girl who planned her future, not like Sutter, of course.

One day, Sutter tried to hook his best friend Ricky with someone since he never had a girlfriend before. On the weekend, Sutter hooked Ricky with Bethany. While accompanying Ricky and Bethany on their first date, Sutter had a chat with Bethany’s friend named Tara. Tara said that she was celebrating the day his step dad got ditched by her mom and Sutter said he had his dad ditched too. In fact, he boasted that his dad is a successful businessman who worked on the top of Chase building, which was actually a lie. He didn’t know where his dad is. All he could do is to get drunk and missed him.

When Sutter had a talk with Tara, Cassidy suddenly approached them. She thought that Sutter cheated on her -which is obviously not- and she broke up with him. She once told him to think about her feelings but she said he couldn’t and they broke up. Though they still love each other, Cassidy decided to say goodbye to him. I think that what she had done is right. Sutter isn’t supposed to be with Cassidy, he’s just an obstacle to Cassidy’s bright future.

Well, Sutter is a party-man, so it wasn’t too shocking if he got drunk every day and every single time. One morning, he woke up alone at a stranger’s lawn after partying all night. His eyes met Aimee Finecky’s, the girl who woke him.

Aimee Finecky is a total nerd. She never had a boyfriend. She’s a madly fanatic lover of comics, sci-fi, space, horses, and else. She always eat at the canteen -which is a nerdy thing from Sutter’s eyes. However, she got good grades and she wanted to be a worker at NASA.

When Sutter found out that Aimee delivers newspaper on early morning to pay half of the bill and never stand for herself, Sutter decided to be her savior. Sutter taught her to be more social and brave enough to defend her self. He also taught her how to party, how to hook up with boys, and how to get drunk.

One day, Ricky asked him about the “What if she falls for you, Sutter?” thingy. Sutter said that she won’t and he won’t. Aimee is not the girl he’s going to date with, he thought. But he is absolutely wrong. Somehow, Aimee’s smoothness and care were able to bring the best side of Sutter’s out, like he is a different good guy. And somehow, Sutter fells in love with Aimee.

Sutter really thought that he was the savior of Aimee’s life but he was wrong. He turned Aimee to be a bad-girl-to-be. She was now an alcoholic and she easily swear to everyone. Ricky and Cassidy tried to make him understand about what he had done, but Sutter is so stubborn. Until one day, Sutter found out that his real dad is someone who can only take a somebody’s bright future. He realized that he was bad for Aimee. He realized that he was taking Aimee’s bright future.

When Aimee asked Sutter to move in with her in her new apartment when she’s in college, Sutter said yes while the fact is he won’t be going. When they shared their last kiss, Sutter thought that he did have a future to be given to Aimee, but not the one which includes him.

At the end of the story, he said goodbye, to everything, to his dad, to the past, to the future, and to Aimee and Cassidy. He said goodbye as he disappeared to the middle of his spectacular now.

I must say that I love this story so much! It sure is a heart-breaker novel, but it has A LOT OF moral values in it. Tim Tharp made a lovable character named Sutter and he somehow made Sutter as a wise man in a way. Here’s some of the line I love the most from this novel:

Here’s my problem with the public display of affection-it’s undemocratic. It’s like here’s this couple and they’re reigning over their own little universe and no one else is invited. My universe is way too vast for that. Once I get a girl alone, it’s different, but until then I’m like, Come on, come all! Bring your cousins, bring your dogs. No one’s excluded. But here’s my best friend, practically building a border fence to keep the rest of us out.

I go, “Embarrassment’s a waste of time. Now, where’s the hot tub? I need a hot tub. I’m an injured man.”

Life is an ocean, an most everyone’s hanging on to some kind of dream to keep afloat. Me, I’m just dogpaddling on my own, but Aimee’s lifesaver’s a beauty. I love it. Anyone would if they could see the way her face beams as she clutches that thing with all her strength.

Tim Tharp also mention some true facts about life which is so true. Here’s one:

I don’t know why calling someone Mister is supposed to underline the seriousness of a situation, but it seems to be a pretty common tactic among adults.

Aaand back to the topic. Why do I say that his novel is a heart-breaker? Because this novel is so honest. At first, Sutter’s purpose is to save Aimee. She’s too naive and a girl shouldn’t be like that. At least a girl should have fun, right? I think his purpose is good. But, however, the execution of his purpose is in a bad way. I don’t thing that making a girl alcoholic is a good thing. Sure, it may gives fun, but it’s wrong. Both Sutter and Aimee didn’t know it, but both of them were together going to be a much worse person. Until one day, one of them -Sutter- realized that he’s not good for her and he loved her very much so he tried to keep their distance. I feel that it’s just a sweet, sweet sacrifice. It’s like you love someone, but you’re too bad for someone, and you should let them go if you want them to reach their happiness. It’s just so sweet and heart-breaking!

And for the movie, it’s so FANTASTIC! Miles Teller (Sutter Keely) and Shailene Woodley (Aimee Finecky) are able to brought the characters perfectly. There’s a scene when Sutter said that he was bad for Aimee in the car and it’s so emotional, and Miles and Shailene acted perfectly!

177 178

However, the ending is different. In the novel, Sutter gave up to his life. But in the movie, he didn’t give up. Instead, he realized his wrong doings and he became a good person. In the movie, he ended following Aimee to college. Though it gives a less feels, but I think it’s alright. It seems that the scriptwriter (Michael H. Weber) emphasizes the moral value than the feels. It’s great actually, I don’t have to cry all night long, hehe 🙂

So, overall, this novel and the movie are worth to read/watch and highly recommended (especially to those who get lost in their teen age)!

Title: The Spectacular Now
Writer: Tim TharpTim Tharp - The Spectacular Now

Divergent as the next Hunger Games?


Lately, the news about the filming of Divergent has been a trending topic between movie manias. Divergent fandom, which is called ‘Initiates’, also having a buzz about it. But people often compare Divergent to Suzanne Collins’ The Hunger Games Trilogy just because both of them takes place in a dystopian world. People often say that Veronica Roth -the author of Divergent trilogy- was just copying Suzanne Collins’ works, but if you have read both Divergent and The Hunger Games, you’ll find the difference between those trilogies. Let’s compare  the plot of Divergent and The Hunger Games :

1. The Hunger Games tells the story of Katniss Everdeen who was chosen to play in The Hunger Games as the woman representative of District 12. The Hunger Games is an annual game which is held in The Capitol by the government to make people from 12 districts remember that if the government can do anything to them so that those districts will be afraid to fight against them. The winner of The Hunger Games is the one who survived which makes 24 people from 12 districts must kill each other to be the winner. Katniss and Peeta Mellark -the man representative of District 12- were sent to The Capitol to play the Games. Before the Games starts, the Tributes (districts’ representatives) were publicly displayed in a television talk show hosted by Caesar Flickerman to gain sponsors who can help them by sending helps when they are in the Games.

In the Games, Katniss disgusted the government with her intelligence, so the government’s Gamemakers changed the game rule. They agreed to have 2 people as The Hunger Games winner if both of them came from the same districts. This rule moved Katniss to find Peeta. After she found him, there were only 3 people left : Katniss, Peeta, and Cato (Katniss’ rival). Katniss and Peeta managed to kill Cato and they were the last Tributes who managed to survive in The Hunger Games. Knowing that Katniss and Peeta were eligible to be The 74th Hunger Games winner, the Gamemakers changed the game rules again. They only took 1 people as The Hunger Games winner. Katniss chose to commit suicide than to kill Peeta, so did Peeta. When they nearly ate poisonous berry named “nightlock”, the Gamemakers suddenly announced Katniss and Peeta as The 74th Hunger Games winner. Even though, the government became alarmed to Katniss.

2. Divergent tells the story of a 16 years old girl named Beatrice Prior who was confused to choose her faction. In a dystopian Chicago, there are 5 factions : Abnegation -the selfless-, Dauntless -the brave-, Amity -the peaceful-, Candor -the honest-, and Erudite -the intelligent-. Beatrice was an Abnegation girl, but at age 16, people must choose a faction where they must be in for the rest of their life. Beatrice always admired the bravery of Dauntless and she wanted to be a part of them, but she also felt guilty to left Abnegation and her family. When she was having an Aptitude Test, she knew that she was a Divergent, someone who has a flexible personality and their identity must be concealed. At the choosing ceremony, Beatrice finally chose to be a Dauntless.

She joined Dauntless’ initiation. She changed her name into Tris and she also changed a lot of her personality. She made friends with Christina, Will, Al, Uriah, Marlene, Lynn, and else. She also had rivals named Peter, Molly, and Drew. Tris also fell in love with her instructor, Four. On the Dauntless’ initiation, Tris learned how to shoot with a gun, how to make a strategy, and how to control her fears. One day, Tris and Four found out that Erudite were going to attack Abnegation because Abnegation is the faction who controls the government. A day after the announcement of initiates who managed to pass the Dauntless’ initiation, all of the Dauntless were controlled by a simulation held by Erudite to attack Abnegation. Because of their Divergence, Tris and Four managed to avoid the simulation and they managed to stop the simulation. At the end of “Divergent”, Tris, Four, Marcus (Four’s father), Caleb (Tris’ brother), and Peter flew to Amity headquarters to have protection from Erudite.


See? There’s a huge difference between Divergent and The Hunger Games. In The Hunger Games, bad things happened because the government in The Capitol wanted to control Panem’s citizen. But in Divergent, bad things happened because Erudite wanted to save people from an information which can cause death to them (it was told in Insurgent, the 2nd book of Divergent trilogy).

So, I really hope that after reading my post, you will see the difference between Divergent and The Hunger Games. And I also hope that from now on, people will learn more about something before judging it.

Oh yeah, for your information, Divergent will be on IMAX and theatres on March 21st 2014!

Book and Movie Review – The Host by Stephenie Meyer

THE HOST! A must-read for amazing-thick-novel lovers!

This story is about the struggle of a young woman named Melanie Stryder. Once in a time, the Earth is occupied by the Souls. They took every human body and got into them, which unfortunately, Melanie’s body too. Fortunately, the Soul inside Melanie was a good one, named Wanderer (a.k.a. Wanda).

Before Wanda took over her body, Melanie was surviving as one of the last human race with Jared Howe -his boyfriend (kind of)- and Jamie Stryder. When Wanda stayed at her body, Melanie refused to lose. She chose to exist in her body, living together with Wanda. Melanie’s memory of Jared and Jamie brought Wanda to some marvellous experience.

Together in one body, Melanie and Wanda went to Melanie’s uncle’s -Uncle Jeb- safe house where the refuges stayed. There, they were untrusted. No one trusted them except Uncle Jeb and Jamie. But, when Wanda revealed the truth that Melanie still stayed with her, inside her, most of the humans left started to trust her.

The Host movie poster!

The Host movie poster!

Choose to love, choose to believe, choose to fight. Wanda chose to love humans, including Ian O’Shea -someone who also chose to love a Soul. But it’s kinda confusing for her, since Melanie loves Jared so Wanda accidentally love Jared as well.

Until one day, Jamie got sick because of some infections. At the same time, Doc -the doctor there- accidentally killed some Souls when he tried to take out the Souls from human bodies. Wanda was shocked for a while, but later, she taught Doc and the other humans about how to took a Soul from it’s human body.

Wanda suddenly realize that sooner or later she must get out from Melanie’s body for Melanie. She asked Doc to take her out and let her die instead of sending her to other planets. But everyone refused.

At last.. Wanda is taken out from Melanie’s body. And she is transferred to the other human body, to start her 10th life.

The story is so amazing and heartbreaking. When the amount of people alive can be count by fingers, the power of love is tested. I love the way Stephenie Meyer describes ‘alone’ and ‘suffer’ in this book. And I love how she showed how ‘love’ is supposed to be. This book also explains a lot about ‘sacrifice’. The sacrifice of Melanie for Jared and Jamie.. the sacrifice of Wanda for Melanie.

And for the movie, it’s really good and amazing! Even though, there are some parts that comes different from the book. Like, the amount of lives which Wanda had (it should be 9 then 10, but at the movie she said 4, if I’m not wrong), and else. But otherwise, it still comes great -just like what I’ve said!

I used to thought that Saoirse Ronan can’t be a perfect Melanie, but I found out that I’m wrong. The casts and the locations are really perfect! Max Irons and Jake Abel.. OMG! THE HOST, I LOVE IT VERY MUCH! :*

Sorry for my fangirling. Hehehe.

For your information, it is said that Stephenie Meyer is working on the second book! Yes, THIS BOOK IS A TRILOGY! For the title and release date, I haven’t found it out yet.

Overall : highly recommended, amazing, unpredictable, stunning, OMG I can’t describe it anymore! ❤

Title : The Host
Writer : Stephenie MeyerSM1