About Me

Hey, I’m Cut Alima.

Apparently, I’m an Indonesian senior high school student. As I write every entry in this blog, I’m still deciding what am I going to be in the distant future; I’m still figuring it out. Therefore, in order to discover my true passion, I’d love to meet people from around the world and embrace any bizarre adventures. I’m waiting for a shooting star to blaze above my head.

Mistakes are inevitable. Therefore, it would be nice if you forgive mistakes I accidentally made in my blog entries. “I’m still learning”, there I quoted Michelangelo.

Take a look and feel free to comment!

My other internet personas:
Tumblr and Ask.fm


2 thoughts on “About Me

    • Hello 🙂 What’s your email, Madie? Or.. maybe you can contact me via my Facebook account (it’s my full name)? I’m waiting for your response and sorry for the late response 🙂

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