She and I

DSCN3480She was breathlessly amazing.

When we were toddlers, we used to play under a gigantic tree near the lake. Hide and seek was our favorite game. I closed my eyes and faced the tree while she hide behind the bushes. It was so easy to spot her long hair. I always won since her tiny foot weren’t able to run before me.

When we were tired enough, we lay under the tree. She liked to point the canopy and mumbled, “When we’re taller, promise me you will keep me company while climbing those branches. We can sit there as we watch the sun drops.”

I nodded at her and we made a pinky-promise.

Years past and we have grown older and taller. We went different ways yet we were still friends; She was in New York, I was in Chicago, and that tree was still in Minnesota. The promise we made is impossible to be fulfilled.

One day, when I was on a one-month-duty in Kenya, I received her wedding invitation. She was going to held the ceremony under our tree. Despite the distance I had to cover, I came to her wedding.

I saw her. She was as beautiful as always. She was breathtaking.

I stared at the canopy we used to stare at and I couldn’t believe that it was the time she got married under that tree. She was married to another guy and she hadn’t climbed our tree with me.

At that moment, I thought, if she could no longer climb the tree with me, I could go by my self. I climbed that tree and sat as I watched the sun dropped. It was so beautiful. The sky’s color turned as gorgeous as her hair.

When the sun finally dropped, I dropped my self down.


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