Dear Juliet #1

Pen Writing

Dear Juliet,
Do you believe in fate, my dear Juliet?
As I am trapped in my not-so-beautiful exam room, I started to think of how fate controls us.

What do you think I should do, Juliet, if I feel that I don’t belong here, a place where I should go if I want to go to where I really want to?
What do you think I should do, Juliet, if a girl who loves poetry, arts, and chatter like me stays in a dull place which is lack of singing souls?

Dear Juliet,
Don’t you think that ‘forcing’ is a bad thing?
What can we girls do if we were forced to do things while our hearts don’t want to sing?
Don’t you think that every jingling bells is a blessing and so do our feelings?

And O Juliet,
Why does this happen to us?
To the flesh who have smooth red cheeks when we blush.
Why should we are the one who give a buzz and not those greedy men who never give a buzz?

And O dear Juliet,
May I ask whether do you agree with me?
Dear Juliet,
You’re far from your Romeo,
And I am far from my places-to-go.

I don’t know what to do, my dear Juliet.
Why us? Why girls? Why locked?
My dear Juliet,
Am I a sinner if I blame the sky?
Am I a sinner for not being a faithful follower?

Dear Juliet,
Please give me an answer,
As we both are far from being a winner.

Me, the one who’s  not ready to flee.

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