Believe It Or Not…

…you’re dealing with a girl who is growing up.

She may be the one who’s just a little girl when you first saw her. You used to see her in ponytails, running back and forth, screaming, crying, and saying innocent things because she was innocent.

But believe it or not, accept it or not, sooner or later you should deal the fact that she’s not the little girl from your memories anymore.

She has grown into something more big. Sure, she’s still a teenager, but that doesn’t mean you can treat her as not an adult. The thing is, you’re too stubborn to believe that she’s mature now. You’re too stubborn to believe that maturity is not based on age. Maturity is based on how people react to something. But you, you always see her as a little girl from your memories, and that makes you hard to believe that now she’s a mature girl. You treat her as a child since she’s just a teenager in your mind. You never know her but you just judge her by her age, and that’s… undemocratic. Your mind are too cloudy to judge her in the right way. You insisted that she’s always a little girl, but, believe it or not, she’s not anymore. And you should believe her, trust her, let her do things she want since she’s more mature now. But all you do is overprotecting her. Sure, I understand that you love her very much. But, don’t you think that she will hate you because of that? She will feel that she is not trusted. And don’t you ever think that you’re Mr. Know-It-All or Mr. The Best because that will make your mind more cloudy when you judge her.

Listen to her. Trust her. Let her do what she wants. You don’t know her anyway.
Believe it or not, she’s not the little girl from your memories anymore.
Deal with it.


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