Dear Future Me #1

Dear future me,
I, your past, wrote this letter so you will remember.

If you remember, back in your teenage days, you rarely had fun. You spent too much time on studying and chasing your academic goals. That made you lacked of time. Your friends went on dates and parties, but you went to libraries and teacher’s room, demanding for answers.

I know that now, when you read this, you regret what you have done. You may think that you wasted your youth. You may think that you lost the only time you can have fun. I may agree with what you think, because, YES, thanks to you, I spend my days miserably. Trying to submit tasks punctually, summarizing my (and yours, too) school text book.. that’s a crap. It’s a tiring activity.

That’s how your past life was.

However, you should be grateful for what you’ve done. You did sacrifice fun things, you did sacrifice your youth. But look where it brings you to. You are here, on the top of your life. You gained all of your ambition. You are here, respected by everyone because of your knowledge, because of your personality. You’re the star. You’re happy.

And I, as your past, am proud of you. I just can’t wait those shining days to come.

You in the past.


Inspired by what Ted Mosby, a fictional character in How I Met Your Mother, have done.

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