Days Worth Life and Death

I know it’s so late to post this but it’s better late than never, right?

On September 2013, my school was visited by foreign people from Australia. There was a student exchange program between my school -SMP 5 Yogyakarta, Indonesia- and Portland Secondary School, Australia. One of my classmate, Cindy, was one of the hostfams. She lived with Tiarna Jane Reynolds.

Tiarna was in Yogyakarta for about 7 days. I didn’t get to know her activities well but all I know is that she visited many tourism objects with Cindy and Cindy’s family. For me, it was interesting to have Tiarna as a member of my class for a week. She’s so lively and low profile. She loves visiting children on the orphanage. Although she’s so shy when she was in Indonesia, I and my friends adore her.

When it was near the time when she must go back to Australia, I and my friend Adelia had an idea to make a scrapbook of us. So we made it and gave it to her on her last day in my school. Here’s some pictures of me, my classmates, and Tiarna:


DSC03735 DSC03737 DSC03739 DSC03743 DSC03746 DSC03747 DSC03749 DSC03756 DSC03759 DSC03760 DSC03763 DSC03764 DSC03766 DSC03767 DSC03778

You may ask me why did I gave this post a title “Days Worth Life and Death”. You may get confused or weird about it. It’ s okay.
What I mean by it is that I’m very grateful of days I had with my friends -in this case especially Tiarna. Those days I had are so precious to me even  some of them were bad days. Those days -whether good ones ore bad ones- are days which later be one of my history. Ah. I’m talking nonsense. Sorry hehe.

Sorry if this post is so useless, but it’s been a while since I last post something about my life/experience.


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