Empty heads.
Empty hearts.

I’m sick of those who take someone’s happiness to gain theirs.
I’m sick of those hypocrites.
I’m sick of those heartless humans.

They’re humans who lost their humanity.

When are you going to stop being selfish?
When are you going to start thinking about others?


Do you see I smile?
Yes. I smile.
But it’s fake.
My smile is a lie.

Take everything I have.
Take it all.

Why me?
Is it my destiny? Is it my fate?

Why did you lie?
Why did you betray us?
Why did you leave me?

Do you realize that mine is deeper that theirs?
Do you realize that mine is darker that theirs?

Do you think that I’m okay?
Do you?
Oh, you do?
Silly you.

I just don’t get it.
You let me go just to get closer to them?
What a FRIEND.

You’re a hypocrite, don’t you realize it?

Say it.
Say it that I’m selfish.
This time, yes, I am. I am selfish.

This is too much.
I’m tired.


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