Tugu Yogyakarta

This is my drawing, uh, of Yogyakarta’s famous Tugu (We call it Tugu Yogyakarta which means Yogyakarta’s Statue. However, it’s real name is Tugu Golong Gilig).
It’s not so good, but uh, I want to show this to all of you 🙂

Image (2)There’s a score on it since it is one of my art task. ._.
Well I made that based on this picture which I got from Google :

Yogyakarta1Jogja is so romantic, I guess. I love it’s classic buildings which are showered by those yellowish lights. It throws me back to the past..
You all should come to Jogja sometimes, it’s the best city to feel the atmosphere of traditional life.
Jogja is the best city to fall in love.

p.s. Sorry that I didn’t upload the picture of my drawings because apparently my camera is broken.

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