Love, Self-Sacrifice, and Heartbreaks

Okay this is random but I think it will shots you at your heart.

Seriously, almost everyone hates The Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyer. Well, I’m not one of those haters. The story is okay and the only thing which is bad is Bella and Edward’s relationship. I think the best characters are Jacob Black and Leah Clearwater. Those werewolves do have tender hearts. I mean, they have real feelings. Not like Edward or Bella who only have passionate and unreasonable love.

When I read Jacob and Leah’s conversation on Breaking Dawn about heartbreaks and self-sacrifice, I just went like, ” Oh my God, I’m gonna cry!” or like ” Poor Leah and Jacob!” and else. And here, I want to show you the lines which shot my heart.

I know it’s going to be bad for you, Jacob. I understand that -maybe better than you think. I don’t like her, but… she’s your Sam. She’s everything you want and everything you can’t have.
-Leah Clearwater, chapter 16, page 315

At least Sam is happy. At least he’s alive and well. I love him enough that I want that. I want him to have what’s best for him. I just don’t want to stick around to watch.
-Leah Clearwater, chapter 16, page 316

That’s the funny thing about knowing you can’t have something. It makes you desperate.
-Leah Clearwater, chapter 16, page 320

Let’s just say that I am really like Leah, about the heartbreaks. And I do know how it feels to be the one who let someone go for someone else. It really hurts, seriously. But at some point, you feel like you’re better than anyone else. You are sacrificing your heart for someone else’s sake. And that’s great.

Being a good person is great. And I believe that God will grants good people’s wishes. He will give us happiness.



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