Book Review – The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight by Jennifer E. Smith

This is a story which reminds us that we won’t know our future.
This is a story which reminds us about the power of fate.
Set over a twenty-four-hour period, this story will makes you appreciate your life more.

Hadley Sullivan. She’s a seventeen years old girl who lives in Connecticut. She has a dysfunctional family because of her parent’s divorce 1,5 years ago. Her dad moved to Oxford, leaving his family behind. Hadley had been avoiding her dad ever since.

One day, Hadley’s dad invited her to his wedding in London. That idea disgusted her. But after her mom persuaded her, she half-heartily agreed to go to London and come back as soon as possible.

It seems that she had a bad luck. She missed her plane just because of 4 minutes late. Who ever heard a plane leaving on time anyhow? And who would have guessed that 4 minutes could change everything?

While she was waiting for the next flight to depart, Hadley met a handsome British boy named Oliver. Oliver, eating a sugar-powdered doughnut in his blue shirt, offered her a help to carry her belongings which was too heavy for her. Since they would be in the same flight, Oliver was willing to accompany her anywhere. They had a long talk about family, love, fate, and another random stuffs.

When they were getting in the plane, Oliver had a seat in 18C while Hadley had a seat in 18A. Assuming that Hadley and Oliver were couples, the old woman who supposed to sit at 18B allowed Oliver to swipe seats with her. This made Hadley and Oliver could chat for 7 hours. They were having a long conversation about family -again. Hadley told him how she hated her dad for leaving her and her mom behind. Oliver also helped her in some of her problems, like giving advice to get rid of her claustrophobic side. They both fell in love just in a 7 hour emotional and funny conversation. They were flirting in the cutest way in the flirting history (?)! :*

When Hadley and Oliver arrived in Heathrow, they had a farewell kiss in the customs. Without asking for each other phone numbers or anything, they separated. Hadley desperately wanted to meet him again and have another long conversation with him, but she lost him on the airport. She finally got a taxi and then she went to his dad’s wedding.

Hadley had a rough time on her dad’s wedding. I can’t describe it, but when I read it, it seemed like I did really felt how Hadley felt. She really missed her dad though she also hated him for leaving her. After a long and emotional talk with her dad, she finally managed to forgive her father for what he had done.

When things in her family and her heart was getting better, Hadley finally realized that Oliver was attending his dad’s funeral in Paddington. She didn’t realize that before because in the plane, Oliver seemed completely fine. She went to Paddington and she had a small chat with him. She tried to cheer him up but she failed because Oliver hated his father really bad. After they had a short farewell kiss, Hadley went back to her dad’s reception.

After having another emotional talk with her dad, things got more better between them. Beyond her expectations, Oliver came to Hadley’s dad’s reception to meet Hadley. They talked about what just happened with them : Hadley with her dad’s wedding, and Oliver with her dad’s funeral. Everything got better. And then they danced and had another kiss, which was unquestionably a kiss that indicates the beginning of something.

Honestly, this is a spectacular simple story! It only tells us about a twenty-four-hour journey on a plane and London, but Jennifer E. Smith wrote this book with a spectacular way. This is also only a love story, but the plot isn’t cliché.

This is a story about love and family connections. I really suggest this book for parents who divorced or going to divorce. It’s like a diary from a girl who has a divorced parents. Hadley really shows us how she felt when her dad left her. The bond between dad and daughter seemed to loosened. And honestly, the way Hadley missed her old family life made me cry. I can’t describe how emotional this book is, but it is worth to read.

After reading this book, I realized that anything could happen. It really is a heart-warming reminder of the power of fate (there I quote The New York Times Book Review on this book). I used to didn’t believe about illogical and irrational things, but after I read this, I know that everything can happen. It reminds me that God really controls our life and fate.

And for the characters, OMG, I really love Oliver and Hadley. Oliver has a brilliant funny jokes. Like how he answered Hadley about what was he studying.

” What kind of research?”
” I’m studying the fermentation process of mayonnaise.”
” You are not,” she says, laughing, and Oliver frowns.
” I am,” he says. ” It’s very important work. Did you know that twenty-four percent of all mayonnaise is actually laced with vanilla ice cream?”


” But what are you really studying?”
A man bumps hard into the back of Hadley’s chair as he walks past, then moves on without apologizing, and Oliver grins. ” Patterns of congestion in U.S. airports.”

Oliver and Hadley also had another funny talks. It’s so amazing how they managed to get along really well just in a few hours. I can’t describe it to you how I smiled and laughed when I read their conversations, hehe, I’m not crazy tho 🙂

Overall, I really love this book! The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight is a must-read! I recommend it for anyone who has a family problem, and for anyone who doesn’t believe the power of God and fate.

Title : The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight
Writer : Jennifer E. Smith
Publisher : PoppyJES1

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