Book Review – Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver

After she managed to escape from Portland to the Wilds, now she must survive.

In Delirium, Lena Haloway tried to escape from Portland, a delirium-free city. Lena fled out the city with Alex, her boyfriend, but unfortunately Alex was unable to escape. He was being shot behind the fence by the Regulators. Lena ran and ran into the Wilds.

Lena ran without any certain destination. When she nearly die, a warrior-girl saved her. Her name is Raven. She’s like the head of an Invalid group, a group of people who still believe in love and still uncured.

Pandemonium tells 2 phase of Lena’s life. The ‘now’ and ‘future’.

On ‘before’ chapters, it was told that Lena tried to blend with the Invalid society. Raven and Tack helped her to blend while she also took some duties as a part of the society. She took water from the river, did some washing, and else while she tried to forget Alex by convincing herself that he hadn’t die. One day, when the Invalids were going to migrate, Lena found out that the Regulators were going to burn the Wilds. She and the Invalids ran so fast to their migration destination, forgetting the things they had prepared. On the way, some people died. When they nearly arrive, they were blocked by an Invalid organization who tried to kill them..

On ‘future’ chapters, it was told that Lena tried to blend with the society in New York. She was there with Raven and Tack. Lena changed her name, Lena Morgan Jones. She also changed her identity. Lena changed a lot from the past Lena. She became stronger. In NYC, Lena disguised to be a member of an organization who supported delirium-free city. The organization was ruled by Thomas Fineman who had a perfect son named Julian Fineman. One day, there was a campaign about those ‘delirium-free’ thingy. Lena, who was tasked to spy on Julian by Raven, got captured by another Invalid organization who were bad guys. Julian and Lena were kept in a small room together. There, they shared their personal experience and they fell in love. Later, Lena knew that Julian actually didn’t hate love, he’s just afraid to loose his father’s love. Lena and Julian managed to escape even they must faced many obstacles. Unfortunately, when they spent a night together, the Regulators found them. Julian was sentenced to death. Well, happily, Lena managed to save him. They both promised to love each other. But suddenly.. Alex came.

I love this book! But to be honest, I don’t love it how the way I love Delirium. I mean, yeah, Lauren Oliver is awesome like always. But, this story seems so fast. I know, Pandemonium is about living on the run, but it’s really fast. I don’t really have the information to know Raven or Tack or else better.

Beside that, I hate Julian. I mean, he’s a boy. Why should he be like a retarded person? I definitely choose Alex if I can choose. He doesn’t know anything and he’s weak and he’s weird.. but thanks God, Alex came. Julian is nothing compared to Lena.

And about Lena, I really love the way she changed within 6 months. She changed a lot. She’s stronger than the past Lena. She’s also smarter. I think from this story I can take a lesson that someone or ‘missing’ can change a person to be a better one. I mean, Lena lost Alex and she rethought about her life and her love story with Alex and then she changed because she wanted to respect her new life to respect Alex who fight for her freedom.

Even I don’t really like this book THAT much, I’m still waiting for the next one. REQUIEM!

The book before this one in this trilogy : Delirium
The next book in this trilogy : Requiem

Title : PandemoniumLO2
Writer : Lauren Oliver
Publisher : Harper


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