Book Review – The Fault in Our Stars

Overall : OMG, I just can’t- 😥

This is a story of a girl named Hazel Grace Lancaster who had a thyroid cancer. She can survived for a pretty long time because she used a drug named Phalanxifor (a fictional drug). She’s a girl who liked to stay at home, away from the society. But her mom pushed her to go to a support group. At first, she thought that it was very boring to be there. She made friends with Isaac but it still made her more to love home.

One day, there’s someone new in the support group. He’s handsome, pretty smart, and an amputee. His name is Augustus Walters. He directly fell in love with Hazel. Hazel was kinda surprised with his cordiality, but she liked him. They became close friends. Hazel suggested Augustus to read her favourite book An Imperial Affliction by Peter van Houten. Both Hazel and Augustus got very disappointed for An Imperial Affliction’s cliff-hanging ending. Augustus emailed Peter van Houten’s personal assistant Lidewij Vliegenthart for asking the real ending of the story (since Peter van Houten never replied fan mails). Via Lidewij Vliegenthart’s email, Peter van Houten said if Augustus and Hazel want to know the ending, they must come to Amsterdam.

There’s an organization named “The Genie” (a fictionalization of Make-A-Wish Foundation). Hazel had used her wish, but Augustus hadn’t. Augustus wanted to fly Hazel and him to Amsterdam to meet Peter van Houten. Hazel was overjoyed for Augustus’ proposal, but she began herself pulling away from Augustus. She didn’t want to make people sad if she suddenly die. Even though, she was actually very in love with Augustus.

One day, Hazel collapsed because of bad oxygenation. Augustus was there and he rarely left. Augustus convinced her that he cared to her more than he worried about loosing her. Hazel love him even more. After Hazel recovered for a while, she finally went to Amsterdam with Augustus and her mom.

At their first night in Amsterdam, Hazel and Augustus had a date. They were treated by Peter van Houten with a marvellous dinner. The next day, they went to Peter van Houten’s house. They thought that van Houten was a noble man, but their expectations of van Houten were too high. He’s a pathetic drunker who hates teenager. In the emails he looked fine because it was Lidewij Vliegenthart who mostly replied it. Hazel and Augustus left van Houten’s house and went to Anne Frank’s house. They kissed and had a thunderous applauds from the visitors. At night, Augustus told Hazel that he actually had a massive amount of cancer in his body.

Back to Indiana, Augustus had some treatments but he didn’t meant to survive. Eight days before he died, he asked the support group members to conduct him a pre-memorial. At Augustus’ funeral, Hazel met van Houten. He revealed that he had a daughter who died because of cancer and that made him to be a pathetic drunker. Hazel encouraged van Houten to write again and be free from his sadness.

A few weeks after Augustus’ death, Hazel went very miserable. Once, she went to Isaac’s place. Isaac said that the last few days before Augustus died, Augustus wrote something about Hazel. She was curious and she searched every place where Augustus might keep that note. She found nothing. And then she had a thinking that maybe that note was sent to van Houten. Once again, she emailed Lidewij Vliegenthart and asked for her help to find that note. She managed to found it for Hazel. The letter is almost all about Hazel. It’s about how he admired Hazel and loved her. He hoped that Hazel never regret for what she chose (including falling in love with him, etc.). And at the very end of that story there are Hazel, saying.. she never regret her choices.

This story is so so so heartbreaking! If I met John Green, I think I want to say ” Why did you write this novel!?”. I just can’t-. The first half of the novel, I’m like ” OMG Augustus! Be my BF!” or ” OMG! Hazel and Augustus are too cute!”. But, at the last half of the novel, I’m like ” Why does cancer should exist?” or ” Why does there must be unlucky people?” or ” Why should he died!?”.

This book is all about dying, giving up, and dreaming. And OMG, here I say that I cried hardly when I read this novel. Not because I’m a crybaby, but it shows me many things beyond my ordinary life. It tells me many things to think. It makes me to think that I should be thankful for what I have all this time that Hazel and Augustus don’t have : a perfect yet imperfect life and physics, time to chase my dream, etc. It also makes me to think that I shouldn’t waste my life for unimportant things. It makes me think that actually I’m not yet a good person.

I recommended this novel for EVERYONE who rarely be thankful for what we already have. I mean, this is a new type of a perfect chicken soup! I’m in love with this novel!

Overall : highly recommended, motivating, OMG I understand now!

Title : The Fault in Our Stars
Writer : John Green
Publisher : Dutton BooksJG1


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