Book Review – Keeping Secrets by Alyson Noel

Overall : Absolutely-incredibly-amazing!
This is an encouraging book which consists of two amazing stories : Saving Zoe and Faking 19.

Faking 19
This is a story about a girl who in her 17 get lost named Alex. She has a best friend named M. They are the top, the elites, or the trend-setter.  Alex and M are fond of shopping in Los Angeles. Even though, Alex’s life went miserable when their parents divorced.

Alex is a dreamer. Once, she dreamed of having a boyfriend like Richard Branson -the owner of Virgin Company. That dream leads her to some unwanted life dramas. Alex who used to get straight A’s and those college stuff, went out of the track. She and M went very crazy of hot-bad-boys and high class things. They strolled down to LA and found themselves snooping into a party. They expected to meet famous stars or singers who they can date with and their wish granted. Well, not really famous -yet-, Alex found a boy named Connor. Somehow she went very addicted to him. She who was 16, faked her age to 19 so that Connor will look at her as a girl, not as a kid. She hanged out with Connor and ditched school. Alex, Connor, M, and M’s boyfriend went to pubs, get drunk, and did anything which would make them happy.

One day, Alex coincidentally said to Connor that she must go to school. This opened Connor’s eye of Alex’s age : she’s just a kid. They broke up and Alex’s life went very miserable. Plus, she had a bad relationship with M because M tricked, bribed, and obloquy her. And plus, again, her father didn’t care at all to her.

Alex cried and cried for her life. She regret everything and started giving up. But, her teacher and her mother taught her to get up from her screwed life. ” Because at seventeen your mistakes are not permanent. There’s no reason you can’t turn your life around,”, that’s what her mother said. Her teacher supported her to be a good girl again by offering her to write a story and submit it to a national writing contest since she coincidentally recognized as a good writer in her school.

As a turning back point, Alex sent her story to the national writing contest without anyone knew. She won the contest and got a marvellous scholarship! She tried to avoid M as long as possible since she was a bad influence for her. She got her spirit back. She also did homeworks which a few weeks ago she wouldn’t even think about it. Her friendship with M broke forever, but her future was back.

Saving Zoe
This is a story of a perfect family which turned imperfect since the death of the first child, Zoe. A year had passed but the grief of Zoe’s death was never gone from Echo’s house.

Echo is Zoe’s little sister. They were sisters with two different interests. Zoe was interested in fashion and stuff but Echo was interested in academic stuffs. Even though, their sisterly life went great. Since one day, Zoe was missing. Then a few weeks later, Zoe was reported that she had been murdered. Echo’s parents went overprotective and paranoid. All of the members of the family seemed okay but they actually didn’t.

One day, Marc, Zoe’s boyfriend, met up with Echo and gave her Zoe’s diary. Zoe was a lively girl who seemed to love living in the now, but she had a critical thinking so Zoe’s diary was like a survival guide of being a teenager. Echo read it and she got to know her more and how to act in her normal life. Zoe’s diary also leaded Echo to Zoe’s darkest secrets which can reveal some crimes in that area. For Echo, Zoe’s diary was a substitute of her sister.


Those stories are so amazing! It helps me to figure out how is it to have a screwed life and get rid of that. A phrase in the book summary is absolutely true : But as they’re about to learn, it’s not our secrets that matter the most -but those who still love us once they learn the truth.

Both of them are not a story full of love thingy but they’re a story about being true and honest wherever you are. Once you’ve finished reading this book, you’ll think twice when you’re up to something.

Overall : highly recommended, motivating, and amazing!

Title : Keeping Secrets
Writer : Alyson Noel
Publisher : St. Martin’s PressAN1

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