Book and Movie Review – The Host by Stephenie Meyer

THE HOST! A must-read for amazing-thick-novel lovers!

This story is about the struggle of a young woman named Melanie Stryder. Once in a time, the Earth is occupied by the Souls. They took every human body and got into them, which unfortunately, Melanie’s body too. Fortunately, the Soul inside Melanie was a good one, named Wanderer (a.k.a. Wanda).

Before Wanda took over her body, Melanie was surviving as one of the last human race with Jared Howe -his boyfriend (kind of)- and Jamie Stryder. When Wanda stayed at her body, Melanie refused to lose. She chose to exist in her body, living together with Wanda. Melanie’s memory of Jared and Jamie brought Wanda to some marvellous experience.

Together in one body, Melanie and Wanda went to Melanie’s uncle’s -Uncle Jeb- safe house where the refuges stayed. There, they were untrusted. No one trusted them except Uncle Jeb and Jamie. But, when Wanda revealed the truth that Melanie still stayed with her, inside her, most of the humans left started to trust her.

The Host movie poster!

The Host movie poster!

Choose to love, choose to believe, choose to fight. Wanda chose to love humans, including Ian O’Shea -someone who also chose to love a Soul. But it’s kinda confusing for her, since Melanie loves Jared so Wanda accidentally love Jared as well.

Until one day, Jamie got sick because of some infections. At the same time, Doc -the doctor there- accidentally killed some Souls when he tried to take out the Souls from human bodies. Wanda was shocked for a while, but later, she taught Doc and the other humans about how to took a Soul from it’s human body.

Wanda suddenly realize that sooner or later she must get out from Melanie’s body for Melanie. She asked Doc to take her out and let her die instead of sending her to other planets. But everyone refused.

At last.. Wanda is taken out from Melanie’s body. And she is transferred to the other human body, to start her 10th life.

The story is so amazing and heartbreaking. When the amount of people alive can be count by fingers, the power of love is tested. I love the way Stephenie Meyer describes ‘alone’ and ‘suffer’ in this book. And I love how she showed how ‘love’ is supposed to be. This book also explains a lot about ‘sacrifice’. The sacrifice of Melanie for Jared and Jamie.. the sacrifice of Wanda for Melanie.

And for the movie, it’s really good and amazing! Even though, there are some parts that comes different from the book. Like, the amount of lives which Wanda had (it should be 9 then 10, but at the movie she said 4, if I’m not wrong), and else. But otherwise, it still comes great -just like what I’ve said!

I used to thought that Saoirse Ronan can’t be a perfect Melanie, but I found out that I’m wrong. The casts and the locations are really perfect! Max Irons and Jake Abel.. OMG! THE HOST, I LOVE IT VERY MUCH! :*

Sorry for my fangirling. Hehehe.

For your information, it is said that Stephenie Meyer is working on the second book! Yes, THIS BOOK IS A TRILOGY! For the title and release date, I haven’t found it out yet.

Overall : highly recommended, amazing, unpredictable, stunning, OMG I can’t describe it anymore! ❤

Title : The Host
Writer : Stephenie MeyerSM1


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