Lost In Qatar part 6 – Last

Hey there! This time I want to share some pics of mine which I’ve promised to show  to you last year, hehe. I’m sorry, my life’s kinda messy recently.

Okay. These are I and my family’s pics when we were at Al-Corniche, The Fish Market, and The Pearl a year ago in Qatar!

DAY 8 : March 25th 2012
In the morning, my uncle – Uncle Aula- took us to a morning walk around Al-Corniche, a part of the Arabic Gulf (if I’m not wrong, correct me if I am) in Doha, Qatar. My uncle said that every morning there were a fresh fish market there. He’s right. The air at Al-Corniche was very fishy and salty.

Qatar's car license plaque!

Qatar’s car license plaque!

P1010658 P1010661

The squids!

The squids!

The fish looked fresh, weren't they?

The fish looked fresh, weren’t they?


I and my mom. It's a little bit windy there..

I and my mom. It’s a little bit windy there..

I and my uncle walking on the floating bridge.

I and my uncle walking on the floating bridge.

Dunno what did that means but it's a unique statue..

Dunno what did that means but it’s a unique statue..






So here is some pics of The Pearl. As you see, The Pearl is a place where elites live. If I’m not wrong, there’s a Ferrari shop here too! There’s a pier for cruises as well.

Wanna sail with me? ;)

Wanna sail with me? 😉

I and my family~

I and my family~

A marble ball..

A marble ball..

An elite class' vehicle~

One of the cruises I love the most!

After we visited The Pearl, we went to an Arabic restaurant.

Eating some lamb chops!

Eating some lamb chops! With Pitta bread and else!

That’s all for my Qatar’s trip journal! The next day, I visited Souq Wagif again (I think I don’t have to show it again) and the day after that day I went back to Indonesia.

Visiting Qatar last year was a short-tiring journey which I enjoyed a lot. If I could, I really want to go somewhere in Qatar outside Doha, but unfortunately I cant.

Again, for the last time, I show you this pics and this doesn’t mean that I want to show off. I just want to share my experience. And I hope that if you visit Qatar one day, at least you know fascinating place to go, foods to eat, and sight to see!


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