Happy Birthday!

Hey there, happy birthday 🙂
To you who have changed me to a much better person. You know, without you, I won’t be ‘someone’. You taught me how to live peacefully and that means a lot. You taught me how to live on our God’s way and that’s what makes me adore you. You’re one of the my important someone even if you don’t realize it -probably you won’t. That massive-overboard feelings has gone, but my respect to you won’t gone.
I’m always thanking God because He has let you to be born. Thank you for being my life-saver.

For my readers except ‘him’, sorry for this junk post, but you know.. we should thank those people who have a contribution in changing us to be a better person, right? We should do it before it’s too late.. I hope you understand why do I thank him a lot 😉 Thanks for your understanding 🙂


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