A Love Letter To Jacob

Hi Jake,
How are you? I know, I know. I know you’re fine as always.
Having a great time, aren’t you? Fighting with the other werewolves, cliff-jumping with your tribe.. It sounds painless; not like mine.

Jake, I’m sorry to send you this letter. I don’t have any courage to speak face-to-face about this to you. Actually I don’t want to say this, but this is important. I think we should have some smooth condition at last than rough condition at last, right? This is one of the steps.

Jake, I know that you love me -very much. You know, Jake, I adore you. Beyond anything in this beautiful-deadly world. I love you -if this makes you better. You taught me how to live when I was down. You taught me how to face the world -the reality. You make me laughed at every single moment we shared. You mean the world to me, Jake, I’m serious. You know how much I adore and love you, right?

But Jake, God has His own plans. He created absurd things so many things will occur as surprise. In this case, you got one. Sorry to say, Jake, but I’m in love with Edward. He doesn’t cheer me up like what you do -you are much better at this than him. But somehow, when I saw him for the first time, I felt like I saw ‘home’. He gives me protections and hopes. I feel comfortable when I am with him. My heart always pounds when I meet him -I don’t feel that way to you, sorry. And the most important thing, he loves me.

Edward is definitely not like you. You guys have different sides that wont unite. But.. I love those sides. You guys are like Yin and Yang.. Black and White.. The Opposites.. who create balance in my heart. I won’t let you guys go off me, but I can’t hold you guys together at the same time, right? If I can choose my destiny, I choose to choose you both. But tradition prohibit me to do that. I must choose one of you guys -I really hate this. After I think for seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years.. I choose Edward. I must say, to be honest, he is more suitable to me than you. Sorry, Jake..

Jake.. I know this is heart-breaking and I am cruel if I ask something to you after I say this, but this is important. Forgive me, Jake.. And don’t you dare to sneak out from my life! I know, this is so demanding.. but just count this as my last wish to you, okay?

Remember Jake, even if I choose Edward, your name still carved on my heart and it won’t gone.

With love and pain,

This is an unofficial Twilight Saga story. I made it based on my feelings, but I use Stephenie Meyer’s character’s name for my story so that The Readers can imagine the condition of this triangle-love.. beside that, I love Twilight Saga! And If I was Bella, I would sent this letter to Jacob, hehe 😀

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