‘Chocolat Noir Petales De Rose’ by Bovetti

FYI, I’m addicted in chocolate since my mom is a baker and a chocolatier. So, I often eat many kinds of chocolate : the bitter one, the sweet one, the nutty one, the fruity one, the spicy one, and so on. For me, chocolate is the manifestation of elegance and class. I really prefer chocolate pralines than candies.

When I visited Qatar last March, I and my mom found a shop named Dean and Deluca in Villaggio. It is like a grocery store.. I think it is the same type like Marks and Spencer, but without the clothes. We went in the shop. My mom looked at nuts while I’m paralyzed with the scenery of delicious chocolates! I don’t really like nutty chocolate -which there were a LOT in Qatar. You know.. Middle East-, but I saw a rose petals chocolate. I really really really wanted to eat rose petals since I knew it can be eaten. I begged my mom to buy that, and YEAH, mission accomplished!

It was kinda weird to buy French chocolate while I was in Qatar, but no problem!

Here is the pics that I took in Indonesia (I didn’t eat the chocolate in Qatar) :

Dean & Deluca’s paper bag..

The chocolate. That pink dots is the rose petals..

The chocolate’s ingredients in French..

We bought it for 32 Qatar Riyals..

The translation, man.. In Arabic?! Lolwut ._. Dunno what the meanings are ._.

The chocolate it self isn’t sweet. It contains cacao 73%, so it is bitter. But the rose petals make it sweeter and crunchy, I guess. You should eat rose petals chocolate someday.

That’s all for now, thanks for coming, Readers πŸ˜‰

p.s. Here’s the link of my post about Villaggio.

4 thoughts on “‘Chocolat Noir Petales De Rose’ by Bovetti

  1. Wow, that some fancy chocolate!! I personally like my chocolate sweet hehe, but that looks really cool!

    Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚


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