3 Right Things

Since I felt a little wiser today, I would like to tell all of you guys about 3 right things that my self believe that. It is based on my previous studies about this life -my opinion-, so I am not forcing you to trust my words.

May I ask whether these pleasing attentions proceed from the impulse of the moment, or are the result of previous study? -Mr. Bennet, Chapter 14, Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen

Don’t laugh at cliché phrases; when we fall in love, sometimes cliché phrases can be the only thing which feel right to describe us. Like, when we aren’t in love and hear someone said, ” And when you came, I can see the real life,” or, ” And after I met you, my life changed,” or, ” Home is wherever I’m with you,” or, ” I will love you to death, I promise,”, we will laugh at him/her and saying, ” Lolwut? Don’t be stupid! Be realistic!”. Well, that’s true, that’s silly, that’s stupid. But, dang, no! That isn’t silly nor stupid. Lolwut what did I mean? Well, what I mean is when you fall in love, anything could happen. You may assume that everything is right. Well, that is love. It can makes you being stupid, being selfless also selfish. When we fall in love, it feels like we can rule the world.. like there is nothing important in this life than us. Even though, I don’t blame those who laugh at cliché phrases; they haven’t fell in love yet, they haven’t felt the joy of being in love.

So don’t judge a thing by only seeing it from one point of view. You should see it from every possible side, learn it, make your conclusion. It is totally rude if you don’t do some research about the thing and suddenly made a conclusion. Totally rude.


There’s nothing lasts ‘forever’ in this world, except God. I don’t believe in forever. I thought that every phrase with the ‘forever’ word is kinda hyperbolic, like, ” I will love you forever,” or, ” Forever young,” and so on. I think the word ‘forever’ should be replaced with ‘for the rest of my life’. ‘Forever’ is like it won’t ends, it is everlasting. But, dang, God, nothing lasts forever except God, right? It is a kinda misunderstanding here. People may say that saying ‘for the rest of my life’ is too long, and instead of saying that, they just say ‘forever’. It’s alright. It is totally fine even I don’t believe in forever.

That’s all for now. I hope that my opinions will be useful 🙂


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