Lost In Qatar part 3

Hey, I’m back again! Remember I’ve promised to show you guys the pics of Museum of Islamic Art and Souq Wagif? Now it is the time!

DAY 5 : March 22nd 2012
That afternoon, me and my mom visits Museum of Islamic Art and Souq Wagif. Museum of Islamic Art is a museum filled with many collections around Islam’s things, such as an Arabic rug, Al-Qur’ans, and so on. For your information, the architect of this magnificent building is I. M. Pei, the architect of Louvre Museum. For me, this museum is so amazing!

The front view of the incredible Museum of Islamic Arts!

The bridge inside the museum. When we walk through it, it may vibrate a little. Kinda creepy..?

The symmetric stairs.

One of the museum collections. It is an ancient Arabic script.

Ancient Arabic gate plaque.

The upper side of the museum’s cafeteria.

This is a huge ancient rug~

Some bracelets.. do you want some? LOL.

This thing is a huge dress. I wonder how big is the people who used it..

This building’s architecture was awesome!

The architecture :O

I am so amazed by this building, seriously.

After we know that it is nearly dark, we have a short walk to Souq Wagif again. Souq Wagif, Museum of Islamic Arts, and Al-Fanar are close to each other.

Rain falls in Doha!

Al-Fanar again.. This time is clearer..

An old lady who makes delicious crepes in Souq Wagif..

That’s all for today. It is already 1 am in Indonesia.
And again for the third time, I show you this pics and this doesn’t mean that I want to show off. I just want to share my experience. And I hope that if you visit Qatar one day, at least you know fascinating place to go, foods to eat, and sight to see 🙂

Wait for the next part which include my trip to The Sheikh Faisal Museum and Villagio!

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