Lost In Qatar part 2

Hey! I’m happy to post this sooner than I think. So, let’s get started :

DAY 4 : March 21st 2012
I didn’t do anything except studying and browsing on my aunt’s apartment in the morning until afternoon, but at evening, we go to dine at Applebee’s Restaurant. On the way home, we stop by at Patisserie Suisse and a kebab restaurant.

My family and I when ordering foods.. That girl on the bottom left is my cousin~

The waitress..
She’s Filipino..

You can feel the old western atmosphere by visiting this restaurant..

The text says : WARNING! You’ve just entered a television viewing area. Be prepared for sudden outbursts (especially during football season).

Looks like a pub to me..?

The food :B


Look at that small kebab :3

In Indonesia, it’s midnight now. So I’m sorry that this tour must wait!
And again, I show you this pics and this doesn’t mean that I want to show off. I just want to share my experience. And I hope that if you visit Qatar one day, at least you know fascinating place to go, foods to eat, and sight to see 🙂

Wait for the next part which include my trip to Museum of Islamic Art and Souq Wagif again!

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