Don’t Let Go – Dave Days

So, I am one of Dave Days’ fans since a long time ago. Do you know who is Dave Days? You must know him. He is one of the most talented YouTubers in this world, I must admit it! If you want to know more about Dave Days, just wait my post about my favourite YouTubers a few days later (or maybe weeks, I don’t know?). Oh, on my music bar, there’s a lot of Dave Days’ songs, check it out!

I am feeling blue tonight, so I would share Dave Days’ Don’t Let Go song lyric. Check this out!

by : Dave Days

Summer came to an end,
We’re saying good bye to friends,
We met this month,
We’ll keep in touch,
I wish time would stop instead..

‘Cause I don’t wanna say good bye,
When I’m caught up in your eyes..
I wanna stay like this,
Like our first kiss,
That brought my heart to life..

Refrain :
Don’t let go,
Tell her something she won’t let go..
She may never know..
So tell her,
I should tell her,
Before my heart explodes..
Don’t let go,
I won’t let you go..

The nights are getting cold,
And the days are hard to hold..
You’re months away and miles from me,
But the memory’s still gold..
I think about them all the time,
That summer when you were mine..
Before I caved in, my words felt thin,
Don’t wanna say good bye..
(back to refrain)

Please take me back to summer,
So I can let you know,
This year’s been such a bummer,
Because I let you go..
Please take me,
Back to summer,
So I can let you know,
This year’s been,
Such a bummer,
I’ve gotta let you know.
(back to refrain)


Here is the video :

And a free pics of Dave Days :


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