My New YouTube Channel !

Hey guys!
It’s seems that I haven’t publish posts lately. I’m sorry because of that, I’m too busy to upload posts.

Okay, today I think I am extremely happy! I’ve wanted to have my own YouTube channel for a long time and I’ve just made it last Sunday. It can’t be seen by public for several days because I don’t have any videos yet. A few minutes ago, I’VE UPLOADED A VIDEO! Well, it’s not so good, but I’m quite proud of it.

Please visit, like, comment, share, and SUBSCRIBE my channel! (click here to see my channel)

I’ll share you my first video here. (It’s a self introduction)

Well, you know that I’m Indonesian, so please forgive my ridiculous accent 🙂 🙄

And yeah, I think it’s enough for today. I promise to post a book review very soon. STAY AWESOME!


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