My First Time Using A DSLR Camera!

It’s February 14th!
Happy Valentines Day for them who celebrate it! 🙂

Actually, this time I want to tell you about one of my experience today. It’s not surprising at all, but I feel excited. I’ve never used any SLR or DSLR cameras every day in my life until today. How pathetic, isn’t it? Hahaha 🙄 . Move on.

Today, my friend, Cindy, bring her Canon 550D camera to our school. She doesn’t bring it to show off, there’s a task where she must use it. Then I asked her am I allowed to borrow it. She lend me and I take some pics. My first picture are sucks! If you know how does my first picture looks, probably you wouldn’t know that if it was taken by DSLR cameras 🙄 . It’s more than like a picture taken by kids who can’t use cameras at all. 🙄

Then I asked Cindy how to use it. She shows me where’s the part to control the focus and zoom. I tried to took more pics. Well, it’s getting better even it still sucks. I tried, I tried, I tried until it’s getting MORE better. Thanks God, finally I can took some nice pics.. (even it’s still sucks if you compared it to those professionals pictures 🙄 )

Well, these are the pics that I took :

It's Nana and Fanny

This is Luthfi.. I REALLY love this pic!

I love this one too!

Yapp.. Nana and Luthfi..

This is Nana again.. facing to the sun..

The sun

It's Ayu, nice isn't it?

And this is Cindy.. she's pretty, ya?

Well I don’t mean to show off, but I just want to show you mine, so that you can give me critics and suggestions..
I’m still a beginner, so I’m sorry if it’s not like what you want to see.

Thanks for looking!

P.S. : I’m sorry if I say ‘sucks’ many times, I just wanna say that. I don’t know why. 🙄
P.S. : I’m sorry if the pics are really bad. I’m so sorry.


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