My Friend’s Drawings vs. Detective Conan’s Characters

Whoo~ yeah! Now, Japanese comic is a trending topic in my class after K-Pop (well, actually K-Pop is still a trending topic)! I don’t really likes comics even I have 27 (or 28? :/ ) of Avatar The Legend of Aang comics. My friends usually reads Detective Conan’s comics. I don’t know what they like about Japanese comic which has a hard-to-understand-picture (for me) and a much dialogue, but I still appreciate it.

Last Wednesday, my friends who loves Detective Conan’s comics, Halida Damayanti and Firsty Liliandita drew 2 character from Detective Conan’s comics, there are Kaitou KID and Conan his self. My friends took a picture of it from her cellphone (because my cellphone’s picture quality is very bad 😐 ), enjoy 🙂 :


Kaitou KID!

Kaitou KID vs. Conan!

It’s so amazing isn’t it?!
I’m so lucky to have friends with a good quality drawings..

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