I’m Proud of You, My Friend

I have a friend, lets call her Sarah (it’s not her real name). Well, I’m just her friend but I’m really proud of her. Sarah is my new friend in Junior High School. She’s funny, nice, and always understands people.

When we had a mid-term tests, she got a not-so-good score. Our teachers rank our scores and Sarah is 30th from 30 students in my class. I was surprised at the first time I knew it. Sarah came to me with a face full of tears. She cries of course. I was speechless, I can’t imagine how do I feel if I was her. I just said, ” Don’t worry Sarah, there’s still a semester tests. It’s not the end of everything,”.

Later, I realized that Sarah’s not-so-good score is not so surprising. I always watched Sarah for the whole semester, about how she learned. She never pay attention when in class, she never do her homework. Truly awful. I’m not surprised again when she must do the semester test again for her bad score. She’s crying again, of course.

Then after I met her again after 2 weeks semester holiday, she changed. I don’t know what her parents say to her, but I think it changes Sarah’s attitude. Now, she always listening when our teacher’s teaching, always do the homework, always ask if she don’t understand. She’s 180 degrees different from ‘the old Sarah’. I realized that I always smile when I look at her now. I’m proud of her.

Sure what I’m telling to you is nothing, but I am really happy. She’s so incredible, turning her attitude 180 degrees in just 2 weeks. I wonder will she be in top 10 when the next semester test come 😉


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