My Friend’s Drawings vs. Lauren Kate’s ‘Fallen’ Book Cover

I have a friend, his name is Dandhy Bramantya Putra. He is really good at drawing. Just give him a piece of paper and a pencil, and he’ll draw an amazing drawings. Once, he drew a sketch of my math teacher’s face while my teacher teached us. That sketch is really-really-really amazing! It’s like a portrait, not a sketch. Such a shame I didn’t keep that sketch..

When I looked at the Fallen‘s book cover, I found out that the girl in the cover is so beautiful. Then I asked Dandhy to draw it for me (’cause I know that he is really good at drawing 🙂 , there’s no other reason 🙂 ). I asked it when it was on the middle 1st semester, and he just gave me on last Tuesday (or Wednesday? I forget.) 🙄 . But the drawings is really nice, good, and very similar to the Fallen’s cover!

I’ll show you his drawings..

This is the real cover

and then compared to Dandhy’s drawings..

How do you think?
Really good isn’t it?

Anyway, I post this on my blog ’cause I want to thanks him, cause I think ‘thanks’ is not enough for his sacrifice drawing this sketch for me. Psst, his mother is angry to him cause he drew this when he supposed to be learning.


PS : Click here for the book information 🙂


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