How Every Street Campaign Should Have Been

There was a spectacular street campaign on Malioboro Street, Yogyakarta, Indonesia on June 24, 2014. As the presidential election is going to be held on July 9, 2014, the supporters of both candidates (Jokowi-Jusuf Kalla and Prabowo-Hatta Rajasa) have started the street campaign.

In Indonesia, every street campaign is brutal. The supporters of a candidate are roaming around the city with their made-up noisy motorcycles. And sometimes, the street campaign triggers a street fight between two sides who have the slightest mutuality. I really don’t get it why the supporters do that, the fight and made-up noises. I suppose those things tend to make people hate them more, isn’t it?

Just yesterday, I went to Malioboro and found a LOT of people gathered on the Malioboro Street to do a silent campaign. Well, not really silent, but it’s way more quiet and polite. Those people are non-party people around Malioboro who supports Jokowi-Jusuf Kalla. They held a parade around Malioboro. I’m not sure where did the parade started and ended, but I’m pretty sure the parade went through Malioboro and Kraton Yogyakarta.

What makes me think that the parade was how every street campaign should have been like is how effective, polite, and bewitching it is. They didn’t do any anarchy gestures, instead they smiled. They didn’t make useless loud noises, instead they sing a song about Jokowi-Jusuf Kalla accompanied by our traditional instruments (gamelan). Though it is one of the political strategies to win the election, it’s entertaining and not nauseating. I’m not talking about politics nor a candidate here, and by writing this doesn’t mean that I support a particular candidate (I’m still too young to understand politic), but what I really want to say is that I hope every street campaign is like this, or maybe better than this. I hope that every street campaign is educating, entertaining, and true.

Here, I’ll show you some pictures I got yesterday:

DSCN0105 DSCN0096 DSCN0103 DSCN0137 DSCN0106 DSCN0114 DSCN0109 DSCN0113 DSCN0104

Pawitikra 014′s Graduation Day!

So on June 22, I and the rest of Pawitikra’s 9th graders graduated. Apparently, I’m a part of the class 9.4, Exinfour, Extraordinary Inter Four. Our graduation day was amazing and emotional (you know how graduation day is). Here I’ll post some pics of our graduation day:

My classmates and I in front of our classroom.

My classmates and I in front of our classroom.

My classmates and I in our school hall.

My classmates and I in our school hall.

Some of the ladies of Exinfour.

Some of the ladies of Exinfour.

Some of the gents of Exinfour.

Some of the gents of Exinfour.

The DeNFaFi.

The DeNFaFi.

I, Rizki Ayu, Adelia P, and a half of Mar'atul Jannah

I, Rizki Ayu, Adelia P, and a half of Mar’atul Jannah

I and the beautiful Cindy Wieke.

I and the beautiful Cindy Wieke.

I and the beautiful Pravistiarani Adia.

I and the beautiful Pravistiarani Adia.

Exinfour's smarty pants: Adelia P and Halida D.

Exinfour’s smarty pants: Adelia P and Halida D.

Halida D, I, and the cheerful Firsty L.

Halida D, I, and the cheerful Firsty L.

I and Halida D

I and Halida D

The most critical thinking girl on earth Deasita, I, and Adelia P.

The most critical thinking girl on earth Deasita, I, and Adelia P.


The awesome Hanqenina D and I.

The beautiful Mar'atul Jannah and I.

The beautiful Mar’atul Jannah and I.

The awesome Putri Faizah and Tsany Raihanah.

The awesome Putri Faizah and Tsany Raihanah.

Deasita and Adelia P. Best friend foreva!

Deasita and Adelia P. Best friend foreva!

Adelia P and Rizki Ayu.

Adelia P and Rizki Ayu.

Rizki Ayu and Mar'atul Jannah.

Rizki Ayu and Mar’atul Jannah.

Deasita and Rizki Ayu.

Deasita and Rizki Ayu.

Rizki Ayu and Tsany Raihanah.

Rizki Ayu and Tsany Raihanah.

The three besties: Putri F, Luthfi U, and Mar'atul Jannah.

The three besties: Putri F, Luthfi U, and Mar’atul Jannah.

DSCN0060 DSCN0063

Ardini Batrisya, I, and Afif H Jovian!

Ardini Batrisya, I, and Afif H Jovian!

My beautiful friends Pravistiarani Adia, Tsany R, Aulia Deshinta, and Dinda S.

My beautiful friends Pravistiarani Adia, Tsany R, Aulia Deshinta, and Dinda S.

Stick your tongue!

Stick your tongue!


Putri F and Ahmad Dhira.

Putri F and Ahmad Dhira.

Hanin Caya and Ahmad Dhira.

Hanin Caya and Ahmad Dhira.

Dea Er and Ahmad Dhira.

Dea Er and Ahmad Dhira.

Luthfi U and Ahmad Dhira.

Luthfi U and Ahmad Dhira.

I and Ahmad Dhira.

I and Ahmad Dhira.

Adelia P and Ahmad Dhira.

Adelia P and Ahmad Dhira.

Firsty L and Ahmad Dhira.

Firsty L and Ahmad Dhira.

Fanny R and Ahmad Dhira.

Fanny R and Ahmad Dhira.

I and Dinda S.

I and Dinda S.

Hanin Caya's family.

Hanin Caya’s family.

At last, all I can say is “Happy Graduation!”. I’m gonna miss Exinfour :(

Semoga wisuda kali ini bukan berarti jalan keluar, tapi pintu masuk buat mimpi-mimpi yang baru. Semoga kita bisa bertemu dalam keadaan yang lebih sukses lagi. :) -Deasita

Under the Ferris Wheel

Navy Pier

It was a bright clear Sunday when I and Aislinn decided to take a walk around the city. We rarely go out on Sundays. Instead of having a couple time outside the apartment, we are likely to sit on a couch and watch movies or read different books with our hands clutched. Just enjoying our holiday in silence since our workdays tend to be hectic.

Maybe just because of boredom or other reason, we don’t really know exactly, we decided to spend this Sunday outside the apartment. It all started when Aislinn woke up and rolled crazily on the bed and nearly fall down. I didn’t know what she was dreaming about, and with her sleepy eyes, she said, “Peter, do you want to go for a walk and grab an ice cream?”. And I said, “What?”. And then she said, “Pretty please? I think today is going to be a goooood day for a walk,”. And yes, she said that ‘good’ word for more than 10 seconds.

After we got dressed and ready, I in my shirt and Aislinn in her sundress, we start strolling down the city. We’re talking about unimportant things and though it’s a waste of energy, I still enjoyed it. Despite the fact that Aislinn is my wife (so basically I love doing anything with her), having a small talk outside the room was quite refreshing for an animation designer like me.

“Honey, what flavor do you want?” she asked me when she was about to order.

“Chocolate peanut butter,”

“Chocolate peanut butter and cranberry, please,” she said. She opened her purse, grabbed some pennies, and paid.

It might seemed weird when a girl pay for things in a date, when the boy should be the one who pay, but we both don’t care. Love is about sharing everything you want to share with the people you love. Even the silliest thing in marriage, like money. Don’t call me a chicken, I’m still a gentleman. I pay the expensive things. Haha.

“Here you go!” she said, handing me a cone of ice cream.

“Thank you!”

We started walking toward the ferris wheel near the beach. We didn’t ride the ferris wheel, we just sat under it. We have a favorite bench under the ferris wheel which is facing the sea. That’s where we sat when we was on our first date.

“So, how’s your Sunday, Mrs. Goode?” I asked.

She turned her face to me and smiled, “Until now, pretty good, Mr. Goode,”

It’s funny how when you fall in love, you’ll memorize everything about her/him. When a man stays single, he rarely memorize the details of a girl since it’s not a man thing. But when you fall in love, everything seem to be carved on your brain. You’ll memorize how her lips crooked when she smiles or how good is the smell of her perfume. Everything.

“It’s so refreshing, isn’t it? Having a walk on a sunny Sunday,” she said, and then continued her words after she licked her ice cream, “I am a little bit bored editing scripts,”

Aislinn is an editor. She often edits movie scripts. But actually, her real passion is editing novels. She once said to me ‘Making adjustments on a novel that will make a good reading feels makes me feel amazing. Moreover if the novel I edited become a best-seller! I somehow feel useful’.

“But that’s still your passion, isn’t it, Honey?”

“It is.. but I guess I need something new. Something that will cause a greater impact to the world,”

“Well you can try to write seriously. Your short stories and poems are great, remember?”

She stared at me. I can see a little desperation and a glimpse of relief in her eyes. “Thanks, Honey,”


I hadn’t finished my words when we heard a woman scream furiously. We automatically searched the source of the sound. It was just on the other side of the ferris wheel where the source of the sound was. The source of the sound was a pregnant woman screaming while holding her tummy. Besides her, her -probably- 6 years-old boy were staring at her mom, knowing nothing to do.

In a blink of an eye, I already saw Aislinn running towards that pregnant woman. I followed her though I didn’t know what to do. Call 911? Of course, but what should I do in the mean time?

I dialed 911 and Aislinn knelt besides her. In a very weak voice, the woman said, “Bring me to the hospital. Call my husband and take care of my son,”

“Okay! My husband had called an ambulance to bring you to the hospital and please stay calm! Say, what’s your name?”

“I’m.. I’m Mrs. Abernathy. A.. Aisha,” she said. She sounded like she’s about to faint.

“Okay, Aisha. I’ll call your husband,”

I didn’t know how she did it but Aislinn acted calmly. Her hands trembled a little when she’s dialing Mr. Abernathy using Aisha’s phone, but she’s so calm. She also helped Aisha to breath properly. Different from Aislinn, I’m panicking inside. What if the ambulance took a long time to get here? What if Aisha delivered the baby here?

I felt relieved when I heard the siren of the ambulance. The nurses were coming out and helping Aisha to get in. Meanwhile, Aislinn dialed Mr. Abernathy for the second time to tell him where we and his wife was heading.

When we arrived at the hospital, I registered Aisha and Aisha was taken to another room where I couldn’t go to. I sat down on a bench beside Aislinn who was trying to distract the boy from what happened to his mom.

“What’s your name, Hero?” Aislinn asked. When he didn’t answer, she said, “My name is Aislinn. I’m a stranger but you can trust me. Your mom is okay, okay? She’s about to give you a brother or a sister!”

The little boy nodded a little and he gave a wary look at me. Aislinn said, “He’s my husband, Hero. His name is Peter. You can trust him too!”

“Hi Hero, I’m Peter!” I said.

And then the boy opened his mouth shyly, “I’m Zafran,”

“Wow, that’s such a good name, Zafran!” Aislinn praised him. “Tell me, do you like playing soccer?”


“Okay. Who’s your favorite player?”

I walked to the entrance door to wait Mr. Abernathy and I could no longer hear their conversation. A few minutes later, I saw a man in a black coat running towards the hospital. I automatically said, “Mr. Abernathy?”

“Yeah! Yeah! Thank you, Peter! You’re Aislinn’s husband, right?” He was gasping so fast for air.

“Yeah. Your wife is inside and your son is with Aislinn down the hall,” I said, pointing a white and blue hall where Aislinn and Zafran was.

I followed Mr. Abernathy to the hall. Aislinn and Zafran were talking to each other when Zafran saw his dad and ran to hug him. I could see a great smile on both Aislinn and Zafran.

“Thank you so much, I owe you both a lot,” Mr. Abernathy said, tightening his hug on Zafran.

“It’s alright,” Aislinn said.

“Congratulations, Mr. Abernathy. May your baby born in a great health,” I said to him.

“Thank you so much, Aislinn and Peter. May your marriage blessed in joy,”

We nodded to him and went outside. I was about to walk Aislinn home when she grabbed my hand and asking me to sit next to her on a bench outside the hospital. She rested her head on my shoulder and I could feel her breathing fast. Her body was shaking and I figured out that she’s crying in silence. She was shocked.

“Hey, Aislinn Honey.. Don’t cry! You did good back there,” I reached her body and wrapped my arms around it.

Aislinn was crying on my chest. I could see people were watching us but I didn’t care. I kissed her forehead and brushed her red hair, doing anything to comfort her. Well, anything wise enough to be done in public.

A moment later, Aislinn said, “I know I did good.. I’m just afraid,”

“Well there’s nothing to be afraid of,”

“No, there is! What if we failed to bring her to the hospital on time? What if-”

“Honey, we succeed. You succeed. I don’t know what are you thinking about yourself, but you’re a hero! You saved someone’s life, no, two people’s life!”

She nodded. “I just want to save her, you know? Being useful to someone..”

“And you did save her. You’re already useful,”

She didn’t move in my arms. Instead, she said, “You know, Peter? I’m no Einstein. But I want to help others by what I know even though I know less. I want to do something good,”

“I know, Aislinn, I know. You don’t need to be Einstein to do something good. You can be just Aislinn and do something good. And I love Aislinn, I don’t love Einstein. So don’t compare yourself to Einstein. Be yourself, Honey. I know that Aislinn can do a lot of good things,”

Aislinn nodded. “I’m sorry. I’m shocked,”

“It’s okay,” I kissed her forehead again. And when she really stopped trembling, I let go off my hug and say, “Hey, wanna go home or grab some burgers? I’ll pay for hero of the day,”

She smiled weakly, “Burgers,”

“Alright then! To burgers we go!”

I held her hands and we went to the nearest burger shop. On our way there, Aislinn moved her hand from mine and hugged my arms. “Thank you. For everything,”

And she smiled. Her smile was so bright. That smile is the kind of smile that shows satisfaction, glad, and happiness. That smile is the kind of smile I would never stop looking at.

Coffee Shop Talk

14. Cafe Sacher (32)

I was about to flee when the girl I had been waiting for hours appeared in front of the coffee shop. She saw me through the window and waved her right hand towards me.

Tanya is a sickly pale girl with curly blonde hair down to her waist. She’s short and was never been and will never be  in the list of ‘beautiful girls according to male’s stereotypical types’ . Men who don’t look at her heart avoids her. But the thing I like the most about her is that she’s always cheerful. No matter what happened to her, she smiles. I’m a man and basically I’m the master of ignoring and I should have feel ease to people who ignore things, but I’m still curious what makes a girl with more emotional endurance like Tanya can still smile anywhere anytime.

“Hey, Peter!” she innocently shouted to me from across the room.

“Damn it, Tanya! I’ve been waiting for you for hours and you innocently greeted me?!” I shouted back when she finally sat in front of me. “Your espresso is cold right now!”

“I’m so sorry, Peter, I’m so sorry! Tyler couldn’t decide which suit he’ll wear to his interview. So he asked me to help him,” she said with a grin on her face. “What’s the matter, anyway? You didn’t sound good when you call,”

“I didn’t,” I said.

She leaned forward and took a sip of her coffee. “Tell me then,”

“Look, as Aislinn’s best friend, what do you think about what she thinks about failure?” I asked, hoping she didn’t figure out the reason why I ask her that.

She frowned for a while. I might seem like a thief watching his target when I’m looking at Tanya, waiting her answer. When she finally opened her mouth, she said, and again, with a grin, “I don’t know,”

“Damn it, Tanya!”

“Well, why don’t you ask that to herself? I’m no mind-readers, for God’s sake!”

“I don’t want her to know that-”

“You failed on something? Yeah, I get that. She’s so sensitive when something’s happening,”

I nodded. At first, I only want to talk about that to Tanya, but then every words were bursting out of my mouth. “I failed on my job interview, okay? I don’t want Aislinn to know that because I don’t want to let her down,” I said. When Tanya didn’t say a word, I knew she wanted to know more. “You see, being a professional animation maker is my lifelong dream. I know that, right now, I’m working as an animation maker and I’m making a good money, but I want more. I want to make an animation so good that everyone in the world will notice my work. And to achieve that, I gotta keep moving. I can’t stay in a company who kills every employee’s dream by being not a serious company,”

I gave a pause and drank my coffee. Tanya still stay silent. I knew she was observing me and my problem. She’s the best at that, well, the second best. Aislinn is the best.

So I continued, “Aislinn has been supportive to me everyday. She even supports me when I’m about to quit my job even though she knows that she must rearrange our monthly needs to save our money. I love her, you know? I can’t stand the idea of letting her down because of my failure. And I failed at the interview.. I guess I overrated my self,”

Tanya finally spoke, “Ah, love. So, basically, you don’t want to let her down?”

I nodded.

“Just tell her. She’s a gorgeous woman with a big fat heart. She won’t be disappointed by her husband’s failure on reaching his dream,” she said. “Look, you know what, Pete? I know that this is not about you telling her that you failed. It’s about failure itself, isn’t it? You feel bad for failing on something and you brought Aislinn as an excuse for spilling your heart out to me. Am I right?”

“You caught me,” I said. “But I still feel bad about telling Aislinn that I failed,”

She smiled. “I know. You see, failure is not the end of everything. Back in college, I got a B once, while, you know, I had always been getting an A+. At that point, I felt like my whole universe is sinking. Sinking, you know! I wanted to be a perfect student and having a B in my paper broke my heart. I didn’t eat pizza -my favorite food- for weeks! I had no appetite and I felt like I had no reasons to live. Call me selfish and stupid, that’s what I was,”

Tanya grabbed a french fries and continued talking, “Then one day, after sick of seeing me being weird, my ultimate best friend and roommate Aislinn talked like this to me, ‘I got a C again. I hope that one day I’ll graduate with flying colors and impress Peter,’. And I was shocked for a while. Until now, I still don’t know whether she said that deliberately to knock me or not, but what she said did really knocked me. I thought, ‘Wow, I’m such a an asshole. I still got better grades than Aislinn but I felt like giving up. But there Aislinn is, having worse grades than me but still being an optimistic. I should be more grateful for what I have,’. And you should, too, Peter,”

I nodded for a while. There’s nothing I can say. I’m too stunned by what Tanya said. I’ve never heard that story before. Aislinn is the master of all optimist. If I was Aislinn and wanted to have good grades to impress someone I love and finally achieved a bad grade, I might be stressed. But there Aislinn is. She failed but she still being an optimist.

Tanya was an asshole. And maybe I was an asshole too. No. Not maybe. I was an asshole. I gotta ask God to forgive me for being such an asshole. I gotta be grateful for what I have and I had. I gotta have the guts to speak the reality.

“Wow! Thank you, Tanya,”

“Anytime, Peter,”

I grabbed my coat and a coffee I bought earlier for Aislinn. “I gotta go. So, see you someday?”

“Okay. Just remember that Aislinn is in love with you and she’s the kind of person who will accept you whatever happens to you. And tell Aislinn I miss her,” She waved her hand towards me.

“I will,”

I walked through the door. The sky was dark and yellowish light bulbs lighted my path. And I suddenly knew that there’s forgiveness for every sins if you ask it with heart. I lifted my chin and walked home.

Couch Talk

Couch Cuddle 2

“I can’t believe it!”

“What?” she said, wincing her eyes towards me.

“That you cried while watching How I Met Your Mother’s ‘Last Words’,”

“What? No, no, no!” her voice was a few octaves higher. “I’m not crying!”

I brushed my hands on her cheek, wiping her tears. Her cheek felt a little moister than usual. I bet she cried the whole episode.

“Then why are your cheek so moist?” I asked.

“Sweat, Honey. This place is so hot!”

I brushed her smooth wavy red hair. “You’re covered by two layers of winter blankets and you were asking me to hug you tight till you feel warm earlier. I’m sure it’s so hot down there,”

“Fine, I cried,” she said gingerly. “What’s the matter anyway?”

“Nothing,” I said.

Aislinn pulled herself back a few inches from my arms. I suddenly felt cold physically but her unbelievably wide eyes which were staring at me warmed me.

“Really, Pete?” she spoke in disbelief. “I know you’re lying, you’re biting your lips,”

“Well, it’s nothing important,” I said and stretched my back. “It’s just.. I love the way you cry,”

“What?” she shrieked for the third time this night. She sounded like she was offended but her eyes was just full of disbelief. “So, do you want me to cry all day long?”

“It’s not like that, Honey! Not like other people, you looked beautiful when you cry,”

“What?” The fourth time.

“Look, I love it that you cry. I’m not the man who think that crying is a ‘coward alert’. The fact is, crying shows you that you have a heart. But what makes me stunned is that you’re crying while watching HIMYM’s ‘Last Words’, an episode of a sitcom with a sad plot, that’s all,” I said. “Tell me, what makes you cry?”

She shook her head and smile. “Of course Marshall’s pop’s funeral, idiot! What, you don’t feel sad?”

“Well, of course I do, but it doesn’t moved me that much. I mean, Marvin Eriksen is just a minor character,”

“Oh. Well, for me, it moved me that much. I feel sad for Marshall,” she explained. “Losing your dad, losing your ultimate best friend in the world really sucks. Remember when I didn’t get out of bed for days after my godmother died? I felt incomplete by losing a friend. Moreover, Marvin is not just a friend to Marshall. He’s Marshall’s best friend, Marshall’s pop,”

“Well, yeah. It’s so sad that Martha’s gone. She’s one of your best friend,”

She nodded. There’s a moment of silence between us.

“But still, Marvin is just a minor fictional character and you cried!”

“Peter!” she shouted. She turned her face away so that I couldn’t look her in the eye.

I grabbed her chin and turned her face gently so she faced me. I looked at her and she’s the most beautiful woman I’ve ever met. I love her wide eyes, her pointed nose, her thin lips, her red hair, her pink cheeks when she blushed. I love her anywhere anytime. She’s the love of my life.

Even when she is supposed to be in her ugliest look like right now, when she’s mad.

“Hey,” I said.

“Men are jerks, you know that, Pete? Their hearts are made of iron and steel, so hard to be moved. I can’t believe it that there are a human being like that,”

“Well, you’re marrying one of them,”

“Ha, unlucky me,” she rolled her eyes and gave me a fade smile.

“Look, I’m sorry that I teased you. But I love you,”

“Ha,” she said sarcastically.

“I mean it. You’re the only woman with the biggest heart I have ever known. You feel goddamn sad for a fictional character. I love how you’re easily touched,” I said. “Having a big fat heart is what every woman lacking right now. Women nowadays tend to be heartless, merciless, and selfish. And here you are, the only woman who still have a big fat heart and cares for everything, even a fictional character,”

She smiled and her smile light up my whole universe. “Thanks God I still have a big fat heart,” she said.

“Thanks God you still have a big fat heart. You’re the woman every man should have married, you know Aislinn? Beautiful, intelligent, too kind-”

“But I only want to be married to you,” she said.

“Thanks heavens!” I faked a sigh of relief to make her laugh though deep down in my heart I felt relieved.

“But don’t tease me like that again. It makes you look like a jerk,” she laughed and I felt warm though she’s still a little bit mad at me.

“I won’t promise,” I said humorously.

She made a horrible face to me and then continued laughing.

“Hey, you said that I’m beautiful when I cry. Am I more beautiful than when I was in my wedding dress?”

“What can I say?”

She grabbed a pillow next to her and hit me on my chest. “A woman is on her most beautiful look when she’s in her wedding dress. Other than that, she’s always uglier! Moreover when she cries! You’re teasing me again, aren’t you? I can’t believe you, Peter, after-”

I shut her lips by giving a quick kiss, “Seriously, will you shut up? I mean it, what if you always look beautiful?”

“Damn it!” Aislinn smiled and leaned closer to me. She grabbed the remote and continue our How I Met Your Mother marathon.

Surat Kepada Cucu


Dear cucuku.
Nenek menulis surat ini ketika nenek masih bersekolah dan masih muda, ketika nenek belum bertemu dengan kakekmu -yang saat ini hanya Tuhan yang tahu siapa namanya dan dimana keberadaannya-, dengan harapan nenek bisa menyampaikan sesuatu dengan seakurat mungkin.

Dear cucuku, kali ini nenek akan bercerita tentang sesuatu yang kalian harus tau. Nenek akan bercerita mengenai masa kini, masa ketika nenek masih muda. Kenapa nenek menceritakan ini? Karena nenek ingin kalian semua tahu apa yang terjadi pada masa-masa sebelum kalian dilahirkan. Pada masa-masa ketika kegilaan dimulai.

Surat ini nenek tulis pada tahun 2014. Tak perlu nenek sebutkan bulan dan tanggalnya dengan tepat karena cepatnya pergantian bulan dan hari itu tidak ada apa-apanya dengan cepatnya pergantian tahun. Setiap hari dunia semakin menggila dan nenek sangatlah takut apabila kegilaan ini tidak ada hentinya. Nenek takut apabila kegilaan ini mencapai masamu. Semoga saja tidak.

Cucuku, nenek terlahir pada tahun 1999. Akhir dari era 90-an, era yang terbaik menurut nenek. Nenek lahir sebagai anggota generasi Y yang sudah menyerempet generasi Z, generasi yang hidup langsung difasilitasi oleh teknologi yang teramat sangat mencukupi. Kalian tak tahu generasi Y ataupun Z? Cari di Google, Cu, semua ada di sana. Oh iya, Google adalah mesin pencari informasi yang luar biasa cepat (kerap disebut sebagai Mbah Google atau Nenek Google -Mbah adalah bahasa Jawa-nya nenek jika di masa kalian bahasa Jawa sudah tidak ada- karena Google mengetahui segalanya, seperti nenek yang sudah tua dan berpengalaman banyak) jika kalian  tidak tahu.

Ada untungnya sebagai seseorang yang terlahir pada masa itu. Tentu saja semua ada pros dan cons. Kelebihannya adalah saat nenek lahir, nenek sudah difasilitasi oleh teknologi yang cukup (tidak terlalu kurang maupun berlebihan) sehingga nenek dengan mudahnya mengikuti perkembangan teknologi. Kekurangannya, semua orang pada generasi nenek memiliki masa remaja yang sangat rawan akibat gilanya dunia. Biar nenek jelaskan.

Saat nenek masih balita, ponsel genggam paling awal baru mulai bermunculan setelah adanya pager (orangtua nenek lah yang sempat menggunakannya, nenek tak tahu). Fungsi dari ponsel genggam itu masih sebatas untuk berkirim pesan dan telepon. Terkadang ada kalender maupun kalkulatornya, tetapi ponsel genggam itu hanyalah berwarna dasar kuning kusam dan hitam. Sangat jelek jika dibandingkan ponsel genggam jaman sekarang (jaman remaja nenek yang sudah memiliki smartphone).  Internet pun belum dikenal masyarakat luas. Jangankan menonton video di YouTube, orangtua nenek saja masih harus ke warung internet untuk mendapat akses internet terbatas.

Saat nenek balita, nenek merasakan masa kecil yang menyenangkan. Nenek senang menonton kartun seperti Teletubbies, Winnie the Pooh, Spongebob Squarepants, dan sebagainya. Nenek mendengarkan lagu penyanyi Tasha Kamila dan Joshua Suherman ketika masih kecil. Nenekpun masih mendengarkan lagu seperti “Jangan Takut Gelap” sebagaimana anak kecil kerap takut gelap. Setelah nenek pikir-pikir, nenek memiliki masa kecil yang sangat beruntung dan menyenangkan.

Ketika nenek bersekolah di sekolah dasar, ponsel genggam pun hanya dimiliki oleh orang tua. Nenek sering pinjam milik nenek buyut kalian. Nenekmu yang masih kecil itu pun juga baru belajar menggunakan e-mail.

Nah, cucuku, waktu berjalan sangat cepat. Ketika nenek mau mulai bersekolah di sekolah menengah pertama, nenek mulai merasakan semua kegilaan dunia. Teknologi disalahgunakan. Manusia semakin bodoh. Menurutmu, bagaimana kondisi nenek yang mengalami masa remajanya -masa-masa penuh kegalauan- ketika dunia pun masih porakporanda? Mau tahu apa saja kegilaan dunia? Biar nenek jelaskan. Tetapi sebelumnya, kalian harus tahu bahwa nenek muak dengan itu semua.

Contoh pertama mengenai kegilaan dunia: penyalahgunaan teknologi. Kalian tahu, kan, bahwa sebenarnya teknologi itu untuk memudahkan pekerjaan manusia? Nah, internet adalah salah satunya. Asal kalian tahu, internet awalnya dibuat untuk menghubungkan komputer, tetapi kini fungsinya bermacam-macam. Hal positifnya adalah seperti menjaga silaturahim dari jejaring sosial, mendapatkan informasi dengan cepat, dan sebagainya. Hal negatifnya? Demi Tuhan Yang Maha Esa, Maha Pengasih, dan Maha Penyayang! Karena manusia semakin bodoh, pornografi tersebar di internet. Itu sangat menjijikkan! Maksud nenek, bukankah hubungan suami-istri yang kerap di unggah itu sebenarnya sesuatu yang suci, sesuatu yang kitab suci pun melarang kita untuk memberitahukannya kepada siapa-siapa? Bukan orangtua kita yang melarangnya, tetapi TUHAN sendiri, dan kenapa manusia masih melanggarnya? Maaf nenek melantur, tetapi itu semua benar. Dengan berkembangnya teknologi, berkembang pula kegilaan dunia.

Contoh kedua mengenai kegilaan dunia: salah asuhan. Begini, nenek adalah orang yang percaya bahwa kata ‘orangtua’ mengemban beban dan peran yang berat dan bukan hanya merupakan julukan bagi ‘siapa sajakah orang yang Tuhan gunakan untuk menciptakanku’. Orangtua bertugas untuk mengasuh keturunannya agar menjadi manusia yang baik. Nah, saat nenek menulis surat ini, banyak anak segenerasi nenek yang mendapat salah asuhan. Banyak anak yang beberapa tahun lebih muda dari nenek yang sudah berpacar-pacaran. Cucuku, saat ini sudah banyak anak sekolah dasar yang sudah berpacaran, mengucap kata ‘cinta’ kepada lawan jenisnya tanpa tahu apa makna sebenarnya. Kau tahu penyebabnya? Tayangan televisi yang tidak mendidik, yang hanya mengenai sepasang kekasih. Lebih lagi, banyak anak yang seumuran nenek yang sudah kecanduan narkoba dan terjerat pergaulan bebas. Demi Tuhan, apa yang sebenarnya terjadi?!

Contoh ketiga mengenai kegilaan dunia: kecanduan teknologi. Entah kenapa teknologi berperan penting dalam berkembangnya kegilaan ini, begitu menurut nenek. Zaman nenek buyut kalian muda, manusia berinteraksi dengan bertemu langsung. Mereka menyampaikan apa yang hendak mereka sampaikan melalui suara dan gestur tubuh. Mereka menyatakan cinta terkadang sambil malu-malu menyerahkan bunga. Nah, apa yang terjadi pada zaman nenek sekarang? Ping, ping, dan ping! Kebanyakan percakapan berlangsung melalui dunia digital. Bahkan ketika manusia saling berkumpul, mereka tetap menggunakan ponsel genggam dan mengabaikan yang lainnya. Sakit apa mereka? Manusia zaman sekarang ibarat zombie, hidup tapi tak hidup. Memuakkan.

Nah, cucuku, nenek takut apabila semua kegilaan ini masih ada pada masamu. Nenek takut apabila kegilaan ini akan berlangsung lama. Apabila dunia tetap gila, nenek takut kalian akan menjadi gila. Bahkan mungkin saat ini kegilaan mencoba menggerogoti nenekmu ini. Nenek tidak mau hidup dalam kegilaan dan nenek tidak mau dunia selamanya hidup dalam kegilaan. Karena itulah nenek bercerita. Nenek ingin kalian tahu betapa gilanya hal-hal yang mulai terjadi dan nenek ingin kalian menghindarinya, mencegahnya, dan menghentikannya. Memang bukan yang mudah, tetapi bukankah dunia yang tidak gila lebih nyaman untuk ditinggali?

Nah, sekian surat nenek. Nenek menyayangimu.

Sekedar fiksi.

Book Review – Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac by Gabrielle Zevin

Above all, mine is a love story.
And like most love stories, this one involves chance, gravity, a dash of head trauma.
It began with a coin toss.
The coin came up with tails; I was heads.

Sixteen years old Naomi Porter fell from the stairs on her school after taking a camera at her yearbook office. She passed out for a while. And then.. she woke up just to found herself forgetting the last four years of her life.

In a nutshell, this book tells you the story of Naomi Porter in her amnesiac days and how she faced all her lost memories. After she woke up, every information were confusing to her. From her stepparents divorce (yes, she’s adopted), her father’s plan marrying a dancer named Rosa Rivera, her relationship with her mom who she barely met, her sisterhood with her stepsister Chloe who annoyingly called her ‘Nobody’ instead of ‘Naomi’, her relationship with a social butterfly tennis player in her school named Ace Zuckerman who set questions to Naomi why she loves him at the first place, and else.

Fortunately, Naomi has a best friend who’s so kind-hearted and loyal to her, Will Landsman. They both used to be the co-editors of the school’s yearbook. Trying to bring his best friend on her feet again, Will told Naomi everything, everything about things she should catch up and who she used to be.

Being told by someone about what we should do sometimes annoying though we know that he or she is just helping. And that’s how Naomi eventually felt to Will. Will told Naomi that James Larkin (the one who brought Naomi to the hospital after she fell down) is one of those creepy guys who she shouldn’t date with while Naomi fancied him a lot. Stuffs like that happened, Naomi felt annoyed by Will’s presence and warnings and advices. Couldn’t hold her anger longer, Naomi went overboard. She ended their precious friendship for catching up with James. The broke up tore both hearts but it tore Will’s deeper. Naomi hadn’t knew yet what’s actually between them before she’s an amnesiac.

When Naomi was having a French lesson in the middle of her date with James, she somehow got her lost memory back! She then remembered what happened between her and Will, they kissed the night before she fell. And that made everything crystal that Will really do have feelings for her, even after he has a girlfriend. She came to know why did she loved working in a yearbook (she quit after she ended her friendship with Will) and why did Will became her best friend. She came to know everything, everything. And Naomi questioned, what will happen if instead of choosing James and Ace, she chose Will? Will their friendship ended like that or ended in another beautiful ending?

Well, first thing first, a few weeks ago, my aunt gave me 5 books. From those 5, I chose to read Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac first because something from the cover tells me that the book is special. And yes, this book is something.

In short, I can tell what Gabrielle Zevin wants us to know from this book: give yourself a second chance. This whole book is about giving ourselves a second chance. It’s crystal. After Naomi became an amnesiac, Will is right there to lead her to her past. But then, Naomi refused to be what she used to be. Instead of staying in the yearbook, she quit and rebelled. Instead of being with the school’s heart-throb Ace who she knew from the tennis club, she dated a creepy guy named James. She changed her self by simple things, like cutting her hair short, a motion most girls do when they’re getting rid of their old self. And when she gained her memories back, she’s also in the crossroads of her destiny: will she still be the rebellious girl who dated a creepy guy or will she be the sweet Naomi Porter she used to be? Even though she can be a different Naomi (in a bad way), she didn’t be that girl. She chose to give herself a second chance to be the sweet Naomi after considering what’s so bad about being a bad Naomi. I like that. Even though it is kinda a waste of time creating a character that doesn’t really developed in the end compared to what she is in the first pages, the journey itself is pretty and educating.

I love this book because it speaks what most people need which is giving themselves a second chance. Nowadays, when people are so depressed, instead of giving themselves a second chance to start a new life, they committed suicide. And that’s not cool.

This book also tells us that we should always give people in our life second chances. Naomi used to hate her mom for having an affair, Naomi also used to hate Rosa Rivera. But when she became an amnesiac, she learned what made she hated them and try to find a spot, a part of them, which is worth to be loved. And Naomi did give them a second chance to be loved by Naomi.

Overall? This book is a MUST-READ for people who is still concerned whether should they give themselves and other people a second chance or not ;)

Title: Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac
Writer: Gabrielle Zevin
Publisher: BloomsburyGabrielle Zevin - Memoirs of A Teenage Amnesiac

I’m A Teenager: What Am I Going To Do?!

I have just received the result of my psychological test earlier which actually should help me determine my future. There, I found out that I have interest  in things which concludes laterary, aesthetic, social service, personal contact, and etc. By reading those 4 points, I didn’t feel being helped. I felt like I’m in a crossroad and ahead me there are lots of roads and I’m obligated to choose ONLY one road RIGHT AWAY. Then, a question crossed in my mind:

I’m a teenager; what am I going to do in my life? Who am I going to be?

And, yes, I suppose that is a question most of teenagers ask to themselves when they are moving toward maturity. Actually, I don’t really like the word ‘maturity’ since it sounds a little bit annoying and stiff, but I guess there is no other better English word to replace that word?

So, back to the topic, as a teenager, I humbly say that being a teenager is fun yet a crap. If you’re a teenager who don’t take your life seriously, fine, it’s easy to do your life. But if you’re a teenager who take your life seriously -or way to serious!-, the question above will haunt your whole teenage days.

The days of being a teenager are the best days of everyone’s life. We start to do fun things on our own without parental guidance.. that’s amazing! Yet the days of being a teenager are the days when ourselves are in our most vulnerable conditions. We start to figure things and have fun, but then we start to doubt things. We start to doubt who we are and other craps like that. We’re in the phase where we are trying to discover our true identity. And when we should discover things like that, society (or maybe system) force us to plan our WHOLE LIFE right away, regardless the fact that we’re still unconcern about our identity, by asking us to choose majors in university. That’s undeniably depressing! Here’s my impression of teenagers who take their lives seriously and get depressed eventually:


Here, I gotta say, that right now, I agree with what Ted Mosby of How I Met Your Mother said:

How I Met Your Mother S04E19 "Murtaugh" QuotesThere I show you. But then, in How I Met Your Mother S04E19 titled “Murtaugh” (yes, I’m a fan of HIMYM), Robin Scherbatsky said:


What can I say? I also agree with her. In an other way, being a teenager is fun, you also know that, right? I don’t mean to be miss-know-it-all, but I think all we teenagers have to do in our teenage days is just to do it. I know that advice REALLY SUCKS (I even consider that as the worst advice I have ever said), but what else can I say? We can’t just skip our life. I guess  all we have to do is do our best in this life and choose things wisely. And pray to God, of course. Determining what are we going to be in this life is sure a hard challenge.. but I guess we can try, right?

Well, actually, I even haven’t discovered many things in my life -I even haven’t discover my true identity! So, if you have any idea about this hauntingly beautiful crap, I would be very pleased if you share your advice on the comment below. Actually, that’s my purpose on writing this article, I NEED ADVICE!

Well, I guess that’s enough for today. Speak your ideas!

Arrivederci! Till we meet again.
Me :)


Ciao, Readers!

Ciao, Readers!

I don’t know where should I start because there are a lot of things I want to say. But then I figured out that maybe an apology will be a good start of a letter?

Well, first of all I’m so sorry that lately I rarely post something. I was so busy preparing my national exam which was -thank God!- ended today. These past few months were really challenging and determining my future, but thanks God I and my friends managed to pass through it.

Secondly, I’m kinda mad right now. Since it was a long time ago since my last day using a laptop, my typing ability decreased and I can’t type as fast as I used to be. I guess I need to get the hang of it again.

Thirdly, just a few months from now I’m going to be a senior high school student which means I am getting closer to adulthood. I promised to my self that I won’t changed to be a stiff person (as a lot of adults are stiffs). I guess even though I’m getting older, I still want to have the heart of a teenager which is much more warmer than adults’. I still think that being a high school student will be awesome. And I’m looking forward to it :)

Aand since a part of me is changing (not turning into a Superman or a Spiderman, no that’s not what I mean) -getting closer to being a high school student as I’ve mentioned above-, I want to make some adjustments on my blog. Maybe in a few weeks I’ll change my blog display to be more chic and elegant? We’ll see.

At last, thanks for reading this nonsensical post, Readers. Honestly, I’ve never missed you all this much before.

Till we meet again,
Me :)


Jika dulu, kau torehkan luka bernanah di diriku, maka kini, yang ada hanyalah keropeng lukaku. Waktu telah membekukannya, bukan menyembuhkannya. Rasa sakit itu masih ada meski tak kentara. Dan izinkan aku untuk menyembuhkan diriku dengan sekali lagi merasakan rasa itu. Keropeng itu, gugurkanlah. Sehingga kelak yang ada hanyalah bekas luka yang telah menerimamu apa adanya. Izinkanlah aku meminta, sekali ini saja, karena aku ingin kau ada.. tanpa lagi menimbulkan luka.

Izinkanlah aku.. untuk berdamai dengan kata kita yang pernah ada.